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Still from "Trust me tomorrow" showing a silhouette of a human in front of two projected black-and-white images of abstract, overlapping forms.

Breaking down the audio/visual binary with Espen Sommer Eide


Espen Sommer Eide (materialvision), a composer based out of Bergen, Norway, has an unusual approach to musical art. By using sound as "both method and medium," Espen works to break down the artificial divide between audio and visual representations and tools.

Tilted view of vertical blue concentric circles enveloped by blue haze and bright orbs, surrounded by gray planetary rings

Creating visual soundscapes with Joëlle Snaith


London-based audiovisual artist Joëlle Snaith has been enthralling audiences around the world with her experimental real-time visuals and live performances. Her art focuses on bringing in-the-moment emotions to life — what she calls "exploring the connection between what I'm hearing, feeling, and seeing." The end result is a unique moment and process, captured in her visuals.

Vanishing Quasars - AV Live by Boris Chimp 504

Visual explorations of deep space by Rodrigo Carvalho of Boris Chimp 504


Since 2010, Rodrigo Carvalho (visiophone) and Miguel Neto have been performing an audiovisual collaboration called Boris Chimp 504, which, in their words, "tells the tale of Boris 504, a chimpanzee who's exploring the space-time continuum, jumping between several dimensions of the universe.

Musician Lenzman with visuals projected over him

VJ MEKANIX 1ups his game with Vuo x VDMX


As a VJ based in Los Angeles, he’s worked with entertainment companies ranging from Universal Music to Live Nation to KCRW, and artists including Rezz, Deorro, Chris Lake, Marshmello, and Nicole Moudaber. He’s the House VJ for Insomniac’s festivals in Southern California. He’s a wiz at creating Vuo image filters and image generators for VDMX.

Photo of a ballerina altered with recursive repetitions

Mind-bending visual experiments by Luiz André Gama


Luiz André Gama is a graphic artist and co-founder of NeoHub Design Studio. He hails from Brazil and lives in Fermo, Italy. In this community spotlight, Luiz André talks about the beautiful and bizarre recursive images he’s been posting — and shares some never-before-published works made with a new technique.

A microcosm of Mandurah on Paul Bourke’s Hydrodome


In the city of Mandurah on the west coast of Australia, with its beaches, estuaries, wetlands, and canals, you’re never far from the sights and sounds of water. Paul Bourke recently used Vuo to convey the familiar sights and sounds in an entirely new way: a fulldome installation called the Hydrodome that “focuses on our community’s connection to our waterways from Mandurah’s ancient Bindjareb heritage to 21st century recreation.”

Screen of convocation graphics system

A graphics system for convocation ceremonies by Chris Wilms


Walking across the stage at their convocation ceremony is a symbolic moment in the lives of graduating students. For the families and friends of graduates at Loyalist College, that moment has been made more visible by the addition of a graphics system engineered by Chris Wilms (Chris).

A dancer with arms above head, silhouetted against a spattering of large multi-colored dots on a projection screen

Dancers with disabilities paint with body movements at IMPACT Theatre


The hard work, dedication, and collaboration of 45 performers from the London metropolitan area culminated in four performances of the stage production Hyper. Hyper had multiple purposes: to provide an evening of entertainment and culture for audiences and to showcase the artistic and musical work of the performers, all of whom have learning disabilities. A highlight of the show was a dance piece in which performers painted projected imagery with their body movements, using skeletal tracking and graphics technology that included Vuo.

Lori Hepner wearing LED strips on her arm and leg with imagery projected behind her

Lori Hepner and Kendra Ross light-painting women's experiences


Intersection*ology, a collaboration between visual artist Lori Hepner (lhepner) and musician Kendra Ross, lies at the “intersection between art, gender and technology”. With soundscapes, projected imagery, and dance, the performance evokes women’s experiences across time and place, from slave dungeons centuries ago in West Africa to the Women’s March on Washington in January. Vuo played a part in this intersectional-feminist piece, transforming light from LEDs worn by the performers into imagery projected in real time onstage.

Forest scene for the Spa Water installation

Circus Family celebrates rainwater and Sinterklaas


Circus Family, an audiovisual design studio in Amsterdam, used Vuo to create two projects that enchanted their audiences. These are two of several projects where Circus Family used Vuo. In The Rain Project, raindrops created a display of images, light, and sound in a natural forest, and in the Hema Sintersizer, children created songs with a giant music-making machine during the Dutch children's celebration, Sinterklaas. To learn more, about I interviewed Circus Family's Cas Dekker.