There are other options out there for developing creative technology. What makes Vuo stand out?

You have the creative freedom of custom code without hiring a programmer.

  • node-based graphical interface
  • intuitive terminology
  • visual debugging aids
  • simple workflow for mixing different kinds of media, communicating with devices, and cueing actions

Vuo composition with image popovers

You can learn quickly with the help of tutorials and more.

  • free video tutorials
  • comprehensive user manual and node documentation
  • 250+ example compositions
  • helpful, friendly community forum

Tutorial on creating FFGL plugins in Vuo

You can have a say in the future of your software.

  • talk directly with developers on the community forum
  • vote for the features that you want to see implemented next
  • small indie company beholden only to the community, not investors

Some of the people who've requested Vuo features

You can create novel interactions for memorable experiences.

  • hand and body tracking
  • live video and audio
  • face detection
  • communication with Raspberry Pi and Arduino
  • dome projection
  • UI prototyping

Impact Theater dancer paints with movement

You can create shareable content and plugins.

  • plugins for Final Cut Pro for macOS
  • FFGL plugins for VJ apps
  • VDMX and CoGe plugins
  • macOS screensavers
  • videos
  • apps

A Final Cut Pro plugin created with Vuo

You can take full advantage of your computer's processing power.

  • GPU-accelerated graphics
  • automatic multithreading to take advantage of multicore CPUs
  • compositions are compiled, so they run natively without the overhead of an interpreter

VJ MEKANIX's Vuo composition