We develop Vuo based on the community’s feedback. However, if you need something special, or if you need it faster than the community wants it, you can hire Team Vuo by the hour. We’ll work with you to produce an estimate and project schedule.

Priority support

If you ask for help on our forums, you’ll typically get a response within several days. Need a solution faster? We provide confidential priority support at $75 USD per hour. We can answer questions by email or Skype and help you debug so you can meet your deadline with everything working smoothly.

Contact us for details.

Custom development

If there’s a feature you’d like to see added to Vuo, you can hire Team Vuo to develop it and provide a special Vuo release for you. By commissioning a feature, you get it implemented sooner, you help fund Vuo development, and you benefit others in the community with a new feature. Of course, we understand that you may want to keep the feature for your own exclusive use for a period of time, and can accommodate that.

We do other custom software development, too, including media software, desktop and mobile applications, and web applications.

Contact us for details and pricing.

Quartz Composer translation

Many folks in the Vuo community are transitioning from Quartz Composer. If you’ve been using QC for years, you’ve probably built some compositions that you continue to rely on. Our guide can help you re-create your QC compositions in Vuo. Or, if you want to save time and take advantage of our experience, you can hire Team Vuo to re-create them for you.

Contact us for details and pricing.

Future-proofing your compositions

Like any other creative platform, as Vuo grows and changes, sometimes old compositions stop working. If you have compositions that are essential to your work, we can ensure that they continue functioning well with each Vuo update. We’ll add them to our test suite and verify that they’re working as expected before publishing a release. With Team Vuo proactively testing the compositions you depend on, you can save time and feel safe each time you update Vuo.

Contact us for details and pricing.