As moderators of Vuo's website and social media, Team Vuo would like our community to be a welcoming place to learn and collaborate. To that end, there is a code of conduct that all community members must agree to and that Team Vuo enforces.

Code of conduct

As members of the Vuo community…

  • We recognize that everyone who follows these rules has the right to participate in the community without being subjected to harassment. Some examples of content that is NOT appropriate in this community include:
    • Offensive comments related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, socioeconomic class, age, race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, or language.
    • Threats of violence.
    • Sexual images or comments. (Hint: Don't use "sexy woman" photos to demo your graphics.)
    • Deliberate or repeated misgendering. (Hint: Click on someone's username to check their preferred pronoun.)
  • We behave respectfully toward others regardless of their current skill level.
    • We don't shame people for making mistakes or asking beginner questions.
  • We behave respectfully toward others regardless of differences of opinion.
    • When criticizing, we discuss specific points ("When I click on your composition, nothing happens.").
    • We don't make generalized negative statements ("Your composition stinks!").
    • We don't make personal attacks ("You stink!").
  • We only post content that's directly related to Vuo or the Vuo community.
    • Examples include: questions about how to use Vuo, projects made with Vuo, or a post introducing oneself as a new member of the community.
  • We only post content that's legal.
    • When sharing images, videos, or compositions created by other people, we respect them by abiding by the terms they've specified for reusing and distributing their work.
    • We don't post confidential or private information.
    • We don't post libel.

When someone makes the community unwelcoming by breaking one of these rules, we take responsibility to help restore the welcoming environment. For example, we may do one of the following:

  • Steer the conversation back in a constructive direction.
  • Respectfully remind the person of this agreement.
  • Use the Flag link on comments to alert Team Vuo.
  • Contact Team Vuo.

Team Vuo, at their discretion, may enforce the community agreement in any of the following ways:

  • Contact a community member privately.
  • Reply to a post.
  • Moderate content.
  • Block a user account.


  • You're welcome to post in any language, not just English.
    • Be aware that Team Vuo are primarily English speakers and might need to use an automated translator to understand your post.
  • You'll likely get your questions answered faster and better if you…
    • Search before you post.
    • Stick to one topic per discussion.
      • If a new topic arises ("By the way, I have another question…"), start a new discussion.
      • Don't ask the same question on multiple discussions.
      • It's OK to comment on old discussions (to share relevant new information, or to politely ask for updated information).
    • For free support, ask the community instead of contacting Team Vuo privately.
      • Community members are often able to reply to discussions sooner than Team Vuo.
      • Team Vuo offers paid priority support.
    • Respect other people's time.
      • For free support, allow a few days for people to respond. If no one has replied by then, you may politely bump the thread ("Does anyone know the answer?").
      • Appreciate when people take their time to help you. It's OK to say thanks! If you can, return the favor by answering someone else's question.
      • If you're angry, frustrated, or tired, take a break and post later.
  • By making positive contributions to the community, you can earn votes.