We agree to...

  • Be respectful. Everyone can make a valuable contribution. You have the right to equal treatment, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, or religion.
  • Take responsibility. Sometimes — even when striving to be respectful — our actions don’t have the intended reaction. We will be considerate of how our actions affect others, and when conflicts occur, we will work to resolve them.
  • Keep the community honest. When people step outside this agreement, it is everyone's responsibility to bring them back to it, promptly and gently. We will confront prejudice.

If someone is unable to abide by this agreement, please let Team Vuo know.

You're welcome to post in any language, not just English. Be aware that Team Vuo are primarily English speakers and might need to use an automated translator to understand your post.

Post with wisdom.

  • Think carefully before you post — is it clear and complete?
  • Search before you post.
  • Just post once — don't crosspost.
  • Keep forum threads on topic: When a new topic arises — start another forum post.
  • Send appropriate content to appropriate people — don't spam.
  • Post your own content or content you have permission to distribute — avoid hearsay.
  • Be legal — since vuo.org’s servers are located in the United States, content must comply with United States law.

Team Vuo will strive for community consensus and make decisions that it deems best for the Vuo community.