Check Audio Device

Composition Module for easily selection of the audio device. Copy the composition to the Modules folder. Use it in any composition by selection it from the Nodes Library. On start a new window will appear, select the audio device by clicking SPACE.

Comes with an example composition that uses audio frequencies to change width & height of a cube.

(Needs a Fire on start)

Composition and supporting files: 

Stereo Boss

This is a typical stereoscope. The basic maths behind it is VERY simple. However I added a bunch of frills that may make it more useful for video artists. Remember that to use a stereoscope you need to have a stereo audio signal (too obvious?). So if your input is the laptop mic for example, it won't work. You'll have to have audio coming from a stereo line input (if you have one), or routed internally using something like soundflower.

Composition and supporting files: 

Audio Synthesizer

jersmi's picture

Running through some basic audio synthesis concepts with Vuo audio tools.

Since there are such amazing modular environments out there solely dedicated to audio, I hadn't given Vuo much thought for audio. Vuo of course has its own special charm, and having made this comp I can now better imagine some interesting results integrating some audio with visuals in Vuo.

Composition and supporting files: 


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