Case Switch Node

I'm currently needing to build something like this—where I'd like to route flow depending on conditions. In Vuo, this can be quite tricky to do.

In code, you'd use something like a Switch statement. Where the logic would compare each statement until it finds one that is true and then compute that flow, else follow the Else flow.

It seems like a generally useful flow…since lots of interaction design is based on various flows with some heuristics to decide on behaviour.

I'm not set on the name or implementation, but hopefully the basic desired function comes through.

I have to go try building something like this now, but it's not going to be easy to achieve.


Execution time

Not sure if this belongs in the Vuo SDK category, but a node that records/displays the execution time of a node/nodes could come in handy. This to check own custom code nodes, subcompositions or part of a composition. Maybe something like this:



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