Getting Started — Part 5

quick start 5

Examining a composition that counts.

Update: If you're trying to recreate this composition in Vuo 1.2.4 or later, hold down the Shift key (Vuo 1.2.6+) or Option key (Vuo 1.2.4 and 1.2.5) while connecting the cable from the Fire Periodically node's Fired port to the Count node's Increment port. This makes a thin (event-only) cable instead of the default thick (data+event) cable.


  1. Let's take a look at another simple composition and learn a little more about how the parts and pieces of Vuo work. This is a composition that counts. When I press Run, it produces this: a blank window with numbers counting in the center. Let's slowly walk through what's happening, and as we go through it, we'll define a few more elements in the Vuo Editor.

User Interface Prototyping in Vuo

UI prototyping demo (Vuo 0.7)

Demonstration of three Vuo compositions for User Interface prototyping.


Hi! This is Jean Marie from Team Vuo and I’m going to demonstrate a few different ways Vuo can be used for User Interface prototyping. This first composition demonstrates a prototype for a messaging app.

This second composition demonstrates a prototype for viewing images. I created it with three images, but you can modify it to use many more.

This third composition showcases just a very small sample of the animated transitions you can prototype in Vuo.


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