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Based in the DrawTailBehindMouse composition (in the manual, page 79), but instead of the mouse position, I used the hand position to draw the trail. The Grab command define the thickness (open hand show nothing, you must grab your hand a little: more grab, more thickness. Its a very simple composition, remixes are more than welcome :) I'm a very beginner, happy with the 2.0 version...

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Haunt is a game for OSX designed around the LEAP Motion controller. You play as a cool scary ghost and try to collect the cool ghost stars so you can accumulate scary cool points.

I made it while getting to know Vuo. The source code is here and on github, but don't look to it as an example of good Vuo practice; there's a lot of room for optimization. ;)

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Nodes for Leap Motion gestures

Add nodes that detect the types of gestures supported by the Leap Motion API:

CircleGesture A circular movement by a finger.

SwipeGesture A straight line movement by the hand with fingers extended.

ScreenTapGesture A forward tapping movement by a finger.

KeyTapGesture A downward tapping movement by a finger.

Currently, Vuo has limited support for gestures, being able to detect pinch and grab amount with the Get Hand Values node. Might be helpful to add gesture nodes for these, too, as is done in oz.LeapMotion for Quartz Composer.


Notes from Team Vuo

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No — available with both Vuo CE and Vuo Pro


●○○○ — Up to a few days of work


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