Fire / Time at chosen FPS

Hi ;)

Was wondering it it would be possible to get something like a "Fire at FPS" (and "Allow FPS" for protocols modes) nodes.

Got a new MacBook Pro with ProMotion display up to 120 Hz, now all my compositions run at 120 fps :).
One can change it to 60 FPS in System Preferences, but having to switch it back and forth isn't that great.

Moreover, when I tried to set it even lower, 48 FPS, I saw I was able to run a Shadertoy cloud shader in fullscreen, which was laggy in 60 Fps.

And while being able to manually switch it in System Preferences is possible, I think a "Fire at FPS" node would still come handy for distribution. If for example you know a given animation would be quite heavy to run at 120 Hz, you could set it at 30 or 60 FPS manually for distribution.
A smooth 30 Hz for heavier compositions will always feel smoother then a laggy 60 Hz ;)

So a node with an input port where you select the frame rate, and you get a time output port refreshed at the chosen rate.

For Protocol Modes and the sidebar Time Input, I don't know, I guess the team would know best.
Maybe a right click set to "Automatic" by default, but with an option to choose some frame rates ?
Or leave the sidebar as it is, and use the hypothetic node "Allow Time at FPS (or Change Time Framerate) for manual changes.

Right now I tried to limit it with this crude idea showcased below, but set to 1/48 or 1/60, the animation isn't as smooth compared to manually setting the display rate at 48 or 60 Hz, so this isn't great but also adds many nodes to the canvas.




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