Load & Play Lottie animated files (JSON & .lottie)

Hi there ;)

Was wondering. Wouldn't it be cool if Vuo could load & play Lottie files ? (lottiefiles.com)

Seem to be quite a big way nowadays for light animations as opposed to the old GIF images.
Would allow to use some animations made with Adobe After Effects in Vuo and export into apps, screensavers, vids & plugins (new tools coming out to create them as well).

I guess it would be good to load and play both .json & .lottie file formats (dotlottie.io).

In what kind of renderer would / could we render them in to though ? Layers ? Or will we have to wait for SVG import to be added into Vuo since these are vector based ?

Also hope the license would be compatible with Vuo.


Some links :
https://github.com/mnkd/LottiePlayer (a simple macOS Lottie player)

Some example : Liquid Blobby Loader (converted to a mp4 below to be able to embed here in the text since iFrames are not supported)



On `Make Slider` UI node, add options for snapping behavior

It would be nice if the Slider Node could have a list of real numbers fed into it so the slider can snap to set user chosen increments within the set range for the slider. This would allow say for the slider to be easily positioned at exactly 50%, or at precise 10% increments etc.

I see this feature as having some behaviour options: 1. Snap to List - The slider snaps to only listed values 2. Weighted Snaps - The slider snaps to listed values only when within certain threshold of a listed value, otherwise it can be set freely to non-listed values. 3. Override Snaps Boolean (Default - True) - Allows the listed values to be ignored and frees the slider to be set at any value with its range. Kind of like how holding down in Photoshop temporally turns off snap to guides feature.


UI Node - Skinning for Buttons (Action and Toggle)

To really be able to customize the look of a UI it would be a nice addition to have Image Skinning for each button state, with options for stretch to fit, crop and scale.

States: - Pressed - UnPressed - Toggled - Hovered

It would also be cool to allow for even more customized buttons shapes like those in a D-Pad where the buttons are something other than rectangle but I'm not sure what the best implementation for that would be. Maybe by allowing a skins alpha transparency to dictate which parts of the button are press-able?

Screenshots, Mockups, and Videos: 


Receive Mouse Clicks on Layer

It would be good to have consistency with the 'Receive Mouse...' interaction and add a 'Receive Mouse Clicks on Layer' node. Likewise the 'Receive Mouse Moves' should also have a corresponding 'Receive Mouse Moves on Layer'.

One use case might be a window which contained controls (buttons, sliders, etc) and visual I/O (input/output) layers with mouse interaction restricted to the the I/O layers.

At the moment I can't target mouse moves to a specific layer.


Notes from Team Vuo

Vuo Pro: 

No — available with both Vuo CE and Vuo Pro


●●○○ — A few weeks of work


●○○ — Appeals to current community


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