This Contributor Agreement protects Vuo and its contributors, and covers any designs or c​ode you want to become part of Vuo. (It does not cover any Vuo nodes or node sets you create and distribute separately.)

  • If you contribute designs or code that are incorporated into Vuo, you will be credited on our Contributor list and in the release notes.
  • Kosada develops and owns copyright to Vuo. Owning copyright protects third-party contributors if legal complaints are brought against Vuo, and enables Kosada to legally defend Vuo without having to involve 3rd party contributors.
  • It is necessary for Kosada to own copyright to all of Vuo in order to legally enact our license cascade (i.e., use a proprietary license for new code during the first year, then change parts to an open-source license after that).
  • By contributing to Vuo, you transfer ownership of the contributed intellectual property to Kosada, Vuo's copyright holder. (In legal language, you hereby assign copyright of your concepts, designs and code to Kosada, to be licensed under the same terms as the rest of the code.)
  • You cannot withdraw contributions later on. Concepts, designs, and code you share, may, at Team Vuo's discretion, be incorporated into Vuo and published as part of Vuo. (This allows people to use Vuo with confidence that parts of the code won’t later be removed.)
  • You are submitting your contributions voluntarily. Neither Team Vuo nor Kosada is paying you for your work.
  • To the best of your knowledge, you're submitting your own concepts, designs and code and not other people's copyrighted content.

Thank you for contributing to Vuo! Your work is appreciated!