On the Vuo community site, configure your preferences for email and desktop notifications

  1. Click on your avatar in the upper right corner, then the person icon, then Preferences.
  2. Set your preferences in the Emails, Notifications, and Tracking tabs.

You can also go to an individual post or user and select the level of notifications that you want.

RSS feeds that you can subscribe to include:

  • https://community.vuo.org/latest.rss — most recent topics on the community site
  • https://community.vuo.org/posts.rss — most recent comments on the community site
  • https://vuo.org/blog.rss — most recent blog posts by the Vuo team
  • https://vuo.org/releases.rss — most recent Vuo releases

On the Vuo community site, you can append .rss to many URLs to get RSS feeds, so you can subscribe to specific categories, tags, and users.