Excitement was palpable as the time drew near for Vuo’s first public release. “We are like the ones outside a hotel, waiting for their favorite rock stars to exit…” wrote one Vuo Founder on Facebook.

After several years work, we posted the first public release of Vuo on October 24th at 4:46pm — a few minutes early. Hopeful and a bit nervous, Team Vuo tried to be productive while constantly scanning emails and media. Then, a stream of positive feedback came in from users located across several continents — we were ecstatic! I think my favorite Tweet is still “Oh my glob! Under the Run tab is Show Events. I’m throwing kisses at the wind for you @vuoflow That is so smart!”

With remarkable efficiency, the Vuo community pinpointed several bugs which were then remedied by Team Vuo over the weekend. “It was an awesome collaboration,” said one Vuo member.

We’re channeling the enthusiasm right into our next series of refinements. Team Vuo is now working on our 2nd release since the Beta. See our roadmap for details. We’re eagerly developing new features and fixing issues, and we’re most excited to see what the Vuo community creates.

Due to the positive response from the Vuo community, we are continuing to offer Vuo credits for referrals. If you are a subscriber and two people enter your username in the “Referred by” field when they purchase a new subscription, you will receive a Vuo credit worth $35 USD.

If you are a Founder, your T-shirt is being printed! As soon as we receive them, we will ship them out, and let you know when they’re en route!

If you haven’t yet become a subscriber, feel free to check out the discussion happening on the Vuo group on Facebook, look over our community questions & answers, or contact us if you have a question.

THANK YOU for the incredible support. Looking forward!

— Travis
Team Vuo