Hey there,

Back in February, the Vuo community voted on which devices and protocols were most important for Vuo to implement first. Syphon came in near the top of the list — and it’s here! Vuo 0.5.2, available for subscribers to download now, includes Syphon support — let video integration begin!

Vuo’s latest release fixes several bugs reported by the community, including the one where some users (those who use a comma instead of a dot as the decimal) had difficulty entering numbers. For those who want more help in understanding Vuo, in this release we’ve improved the documentation viewer in the node library — you can now scroll through the node library and read documentation for each node, and you can click on links for more information. We’ve also been able to include a bit of user-requested functionality. Please see the release notes for details. Subscribers can download Vuo 0.5.2 at https://vuo.org/subscriber . The community is coming together and it’s great to see it work!

Vuo was recently featured in a couple articles on Create Digital Motion. Check out the article on the Vuo beta and the article on Vuo’s support for the Leap Motion controller.

Also, we just completed a new 18 minute (whoa!) video tutorial on how to use 3D objects in Vuo. Next in the pipeline is a tutorial for using Leap Motion in Vuo!

If you know people who might be interested in Vuo, let them know, and you can earn free Vuo credits!

Thank you for your continued support. We’re excited about bringing more functionality to Vuo. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us

— Travis
Team Vuo