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Audio Support has come! Vuo 0.7 entails several new nodes for audio input/output that lay the groundwork for music visualizations and sound effects!

This release also adds new functionality for user interface prototyping, including nodes for animation, interacting with layers, shadows on layers, and keyboard input. Plus, Vuo now supports iterative graphics — so you can easily create and arrange multiple 2D or 3D objects at a time.

For those interested in using Vuo compositions as plugins in 3rd-party applications: the Vuo Editor now supports protocols, which means you can create Image Filter and Image Generator compositions with a live preview, then use them in 3rd-party applications that support Vuo.

We also added an "event throttling" setting to help prevent compositions from slowing down when events are firing faster than your computer can process them.

Check out the release video on YouTube or Vimeo!

If you've already purchased Vuo, you can download version 0.7 right now.

Thinking about purchasing Vuo at the Innovator or Architect level? You now get more credits with your purchase! You can use these credits to pledge toward the feature requests of your choice, or to get direct support from Team Vuo. (If you’re currently an Innovator or Architect, don’t worry — we gave all existing Innovators and Architects the extra credits too!)

Many thanks to the Vuo Community for your continued support. We look forward to seeing what you create!

Team Vuo