We’ve released Vuo 1.0! You can download it now (and there’s a free trial available!).

New in Vuo 1.0

We’ve worked feverishly to deliver several amazing new features and polish everything. Here’s some of the new stuff in Vuo 1.0:

  • Art-Net input/output (premium nodes for Innovator + Architect subscribers)
  • RSS support that automatically downloads images
  • Live coding improvements — compositions start and update several times faster
  • Draggable “trackball” camera
  • Shadertoy (GLSL text code) fragment shaders
  • Nodes for processing lists — more support for iteration
  • Improved app exporting that finds your images, movies, 3D meshes, and audio files, and includes them in your app
  • Ability to hide selected cables, to reduce clutter
  • An optional dark color scheme (for premium users)
  • A free trial

Some images from Vuo compositions

Some images from Vuo compositions

Besides those new features, we’ve revamped and expanded our documentation:

  • We’ve rewritten most of the user manual. There’s a new section called “Common Patterns – How do I … ?” that should help you figure out how to turn your ideas into compositions.
  • We’ve polished all our example compositions, removing some that were no longer helpful, and adding new ones, including some that reflect the diverse things you can do in Vuo — check out Compare Cameras or Explode Clay or Show Live Audio Trail or Play Movies and Camera on Cube!
  • We’ve reworked our Quick Start tutorial into a series of beginning tutorials. Travis shines as our tutorial instructor, so be sure to check out these videos.
  • We’ve added a Welcome screen when Vuo starts, to help you get started creating.
  • We’ve polished our website too, making it easier to read information about Vuo, watch our tutorials, and see Vuo in action, with a new video on our front page.

Discount on Vuo for Kineme supporters

If you’ve purchased Kineme plugins or apps, check out our Vuo discount offer at kineme.net before the end of the year.

Last chance to get Vuo at beta prices!

We’re extending our Vuo beta prices through the end of the year. If your subscription period is almost up, and you want to continue to get new Vuo releases, you can renew at our beta prices, before our Scout and Enthusiast subscription prices increase on January 1st.


The Journey

It’s been an exciting trek from Vuo 0.5. Here are some of the features we’ve added to Vuo in the last year and a half:

  • Interface with OSC, MIDI, Art-Net, QuickTime cameras, audio devices, Syphon, Kinect, and Leap Motion
  • Create real Mac apps (not just prototypes!)
  • Automatically multi-thread your compositions
  • Real 3D scenegraph with hierarchical transformations
  • Use multiple 3D cameras (perspective and orthographic) and lights (spotlights, point lights, and ambient light) in a scene
  • Show a wide variety of 3D mesh formats
  • 3D object filters (GPU-based for blazing speed)
  • Support 64 bits-per-pixel images
  • Phase-accurate wave generation and random motion
  • First-class API for creating nodes and port types — full, well-documented support for making nodes and port types
  • Several ways to interact with others in the Vuo community, and a place to share your compositions and nodes

From all of us here on Team Vuo: We’re intensely grateful to you, the Vuo community, for your support, and we’re excited to continue this journey.

Team Vuo