You joined because you use Quartz Composer, and want to be able to do more.

That’s why we’re making a new composing environment called Vuo — to do more than what is currently possible.

Quartz Composer has been an excellent platform, but Apple’s development of it has slowed to a crawl. So we’re creating a new, modern platform for multimedia artists — and we want you to be a part of it.

You can learn more at Check out the list of features. We’ve also posted several videos of Vuo in action on Vimeo. And last year I wrote my story about how we came to develop Vuo.

So, after a few years of intense development, we’re nearing the Vuo public beta on October 24th.

We want to give you the opportunity to become a Vuo Founder.

To continue making rapid progress on Vuo, we need your support! Subscriptions are our crowdfunding.

If you purchase a subscription before we release the public beta on October 24th, you’ll be a Vuo Founder. Founders will forever be remembered as those who helped get Vuo off the ground. As a Founder, there are some nice perks — a free T-shirt, and the ability to earn Vuo credits by referring other subscribers. You can read about the perks and sign up at .

Once we release the public beta on October 24th, the Founder option will no longer be available. That’s less than 3 weeks away — so sign up now, join the Vuo community, and invite your friends!

Thanks so much for your involvement with Kineme over the last six years. I hope you’ll join us on new adventures with Vuo.

Keep on creating.

— Steve

Steve Mokris