Hey there,

We’ve made a change in how Vuo is being licensed and want to keep you, as a Vuo Founder, informed. From the beginning, we’ve striven to create something that you would feel confident choosing. We want folks like you who put their time and resources into Vuo to know that Vuo is going to continue to be around when you need it.

Originally, we thought the best way to accomplish this was by making every edition of Vuo fully open-source. That way, if anything ever happened to Kosada (the little company developing Vuo), the Vuo source code would be accessible to anyone for development to continue.

However, after much research, discussion and consultation, we’ve concluded that making all of Vuo open-source isn’t the best way to ensure this. If we were to make all of Vuo open-source, it would be possible for a current copy of Vuo to be distributed free, subscription revenue to be impacted, and for development to derail and fizzle from there. So, in an effort to sustain Vuo (and Team Vuo) in the long-term, we’ve chosen an option that will help you feel confident about the future of Vuo, while providing a little more security for our development team.

We’ve chosen to make the Vuo Compiler open-source, and to keep the Vuo Editor source code in a frequently-updated escrow account. The parameters of the escrow account will ensure that if Kosada ever disappears, or stops supporting Vuo, the escrow company will release the Vuo Editor source code to the public, ready for someone else to carry the torch.

If you have any questions about this change, please let us know and we’ll get back to you. Thanks again for choosing to be a Vuo Founder! We’re grateful for your support and look forward to getting you creating with Vuo.

— Travis