Travis here from Team Vuo with a last call for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a Vuo Founder. We’re launching our public beta on October 24th. (Once the beta is released, the Founder option will no longer be available.)

With more Vuo Founders, we can continue to develop Vuo as fast as we can, and keep on track with our roadmap.

We would like you to become a Vuo Founder. You can learn more on our subscription page. We also want you to share this information with any of your friends who are looking for a robust visual programming environment that will enable them to be creative in ways that were impossible or difficult before.

We’ve added more videos on Vimeo to showcase what Vuo can do, and we have added a tutorial page. You can also review Vuo’s main features, and our press release about the public beta.

Founders get a free T-shirt, and they will forever be remembered as those who helped bring Vuo to fruition. In addition, as a Founder, for every two new subscribers who enter your Vuo username in the “Referred by” field when purchasing a subscription before the public beta date, you earn a Vuo credit (a $35 USD value).

What makes Vuo revolutionary? One reason: Vuo provides a novel solution to a major performance bottleneck — Vuo’s compiler automatically schedules nodes in your compositions to run on multiple processors, taking full advantage of today’s computer hardware. For more information on what makes Vuo revolutionary, see our Why Vuo? and Vuo Features pages.

Please subscribe today. The Vuo community needs your voice and your support. Our public beta on October 24th is right around the corner.

Many thanks for your support and interest thus far.

— Travis