Pre-release subscriptions are here!

You can now sign up for a pre-release Vuo subscription. By purchasing a pre-release subscription you will:

  • support Vuo through one of its most important stages of development
  • become a Vuo “Founder”

Benefits of being a Vuo Founder:

  • You’ll receive a special, limited-edition T-shirt.
  • You’ll get a badge next to your username on the Vuo community website, letting everyone know you supported Vuo from the very beginning.
  • You’ll able to download Vuo immediately when the public beta is released.

Here’s how it works:

  • Founder subscriptions become active on the day the first beta is released, and will run for one year from that date.
  • You’ll be able to start using your support/feature-request credits on the day the first beta is released.
  • Once the first beta is released, the Founder option will no longer be available.

When will the first beta be released? — We’re keeping our roadmap up-to-date with our evolving projections.

Thanks in advance for buying a subscription and helping us move forward with Vuo. If you’d like to help more, you may also make a donation.

Tell us which devices and protocols Vuo should implement first

There are a multitude of multimedia interface devices and protocols. Since we have a small development team, we’re gradually implementing Vuo device interfaces and protocols over time. We need your feedback to decide what to implement first.

To vote on your top five priorities, please register, log in, and take the poll. We will start by developing the community’s top priorities, so your vote is extremely important.

Countdown tutorial video

We just posted a quick tutorial video, demonstrating how to use Vuo to make a simple launch countdown timer.

In the coming months, we’ll be making more tutorial videos to start demonstrating Vuo’s multimedia capabilities.