Thanks to all of you who filled out the recent survey!

We carefully read everyone's answers, and they've led us to streamline our plan toward Vuo 1.0.

The #1 feature that the community asked for was graphics. About 50% of potential users and 80% of current users said that this would encourage them to buy Vuo or use Vuo more.

In response, we've revised our roadmap toward Vuo 1.0 to deliver more graphics capabilities sooner. A few days from now, the next release (Vuo 0.6) will bring lots of new graphics nodes — including lighting nodes for 3D graphics and image filters for 2D graphics. Later this year (Vuo 1.0), we plan to provide all of the useful graphics abilities of Quartz Composer and Kineme — and more! As of Vuo 0.6, Vuo will already have features that you won't find in Quartz Composer or Kineme, including better control over cameras and lighting and the ability to render to multiple windows.

The top reasons why the community said they were interested in Vuo were to create multimedia experiences and installations, to integrate with other multimedia software, to do VJ work, and replace Quartz Composer.

In the next release (Vuo 0.6), we'll be including some tools to help developers of multimedia software support Vuo compositions, and we're already talking with some of them. Moving toward Vuo 1.0, we'll be providing many new features to meet your needs. Along with graphics nodes (including live video, image filters, and mesh filters), we plan to add even more nodes (like skeletal tracking and ArtDMX). This is in addition to the cool nodes Vuo already has, including movie players, Leap Motion, OSC, MIDI, Syphon, and Kinect.

If you're interested in Vuo for other reasons, don't fear! We're still planning to support creating iOS apps, creating FxPlug and Adobe plugins, running Vuo on Windows and Linux, and much more. After the Vuo 1.0 release (which is coming sooner than originally planned), we'll be giving those more attention.

We appreciate that 60% of survey respondents who'd already bought Vuo said they're likely to buy the new version in a year! For the 35% who are undecided about buying Vuo again, and those who are thinking of buying it for the first time, we hope the new roadmap toward Vuo 1.0 will help you decide to support Vuo.

A huge thanks to the 40% of you who've already spread the word about Vuo and the 70% of you who're likely to within the next month! We absolutely need help from you, and everyone in the community, to keep Vuo going.

If you'd like more details about the survey responses, click here to download the PDF.

Team Vuo