Vuo supports interfacing with many devices and protocols:

Protocol/Device/File Purpose
Art-Net/DMX control stage lights, receive commands from lighting consoles — supports controllers such as ODE and ODE Mk2
Audio receive and process sounds from multiple audio channels, play/synthesize sounds, receive and process external sounds
Blackmagic receive live video from Blackmagic devices, and send live video output to Blackmagic devices
CSV and TSV files load, manipulate, and save tabular data
Images load images from local filesystem and Internet, save images to file
Kinect depth camera, skeletal tracking with NI mate
Leap Motion track hand gestures in air
Meshes load 3D mesh files via Open Asset Importer
MIDI send/receive Note and CC commands to/from music sequencers, control devices, and synthesizers
OSC control Vuo compositions with music sequencers and control devices such as TouchOSC, use Vuo to control OSC synthesizers and other devices
RSS Feeds download feeds of web content
RTSP stream video over the Internet or a local network
Serial (RS-232) interface with microcontrollers such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi
Syphon share video between applications on the same computer
USB HID use gamepads, joysticks, and other devices to control your Vuo compositions
Videos load moves from local filesystem — including H.264, H.265, ProRes, Hap, and many more formats — and save movies to file
Video cameras MacBook Pro's iSight and other cameras via QuickTime
XML and JSON files load, manipulate, and save hierarchical structured data

Check out the community feature requests to see what's coming in the future, and to add your own ideas!