Released on 2013.01.31

This release provides an SDK that developers can use to embed Vuo in their software. The purpose of this release is to give you, the developer, an early start to adapting your software to use Vuo — and to elicit your feedback.

This release also provides preliminary versions of the compiler, editor, nodes, and documentation.

To get started using the Vuo SDK, see the Vuo API documentation for developing applications and the Vuo Manual.

This is an alpha release. Don't even think about using it in production.

Known Issues


  • The Vuo Manual is incomplete. [#3281] [#2937] [#2577]
  • Some nodes are not well documented. [#2786]
  • Some classes and functions are undocumented. [#4248]

Vuo Compiler

  • There's hardly any error checking during the composition compiling and linking process. If compilation fails, the compiler may crash. Currently some messages may be printed on the console, so check there first if something isn't working. ⌘⇧O doesn't work before opening "File" menu (when welcome screen enabled)
  • Defining moduleDependencies in multiple node libraries results in duplicate symbol errors. [#4018]
  • Constant input port values are not yet visible during nodeInstanceInit. Ability to get mouse coordinates, when not active window
  • Vuo Compiler crashes if nodeInstanceData returns a bool type. [#4016]
  • Vuo Compiler crashes if nodeInstanceData returns a struct type. (Workaround: Return a pointer to a struct.) [#3942]
  • Vuo Compiler crashes when a port has certain struct types with few members, such as a struct with two int members. (Workaround: Add some unused members.) [#4124]
  • Vuo Compiler adds unnecessary dependencies to built compositions. [#4202]

Vuo Editor

  • We're redesigning the visual graph language, based on feedback from; the redesign is not in this release. [#4041]
  • Vuo Editor crashes when opening compositions with published ports (you'll have to edit compositions with published ports in a text editor for now). [#3401]
  • Node Library does not provide node documentation or search bar. [#3568]
  • If Vuo Editor fails to save a graph (if the destination path isn't writable, for example), it doesn't warn you. [#3289]
  • It's sometimes difficult to select input ports. [#4216]
  • Real number constant input port values cannot be edited. [#4554]
  • Composition canvas sometimes isn't repainted correctly after deleting a node. [#3634]
  • Compiling locks Vuo Editor UI longer than necessary. [#3264]
  • Collapsed type-converter nodes aren't selectable. [#3783]
  • Collapsed type-converter nodes' ports aren't highlighted. [#3785]
  • Type-converter nodes aren't collapsed when pasting. [#3402]
  • Node Library doesn't resize properly. [#3923]
  • Nodes sometimes flicker when being dragged. [#3148]
  • "Save Composition As..." moves the window to the background. [#3213]
  • Too many Undo steps are created when pasting and moving. [#3304]
  • Clipboard is overwritten when -dragging nodes. [#3303]

Built-in Nodes

  • The set of built-in nodes is incomplete. [#4038] [#3901] [#3630] [#3629]
  • The audio nodes (, do not work. [#4033]
  • The mouse node (vuo.device.mouse) does not work. [#4033]
  • The frobnicate node ( crashes if it isn't passed a valid GL Context. [#3283]
  • The scene nodes (vuo.scene.makeSphereVertices,, vuo.scene.object.join, vuo.scene.render.window, vuo.scene.replicateObject) do not work. [#3240]
  • The Write to Console node takes a file handle (so it can write to a pop-up console window), but the Read from Console node always reads from standard input (and thus can't yet be used from within the Vuo Editor app). [#3121]


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