This release adds support for sending and receiving images via Syphon, improves the documentation presented when browsing the node library, and improves rendering performance. It also fixes numerous issues reported by the Vuo community.


Here’s what we’ve done in the last 2 weeks:


  • Added a list of example compositions related to many nodes. [#5294] [#6483]
  • Added documentation for entire groups of nodes (“node sets”).
  • Added a new tutorial on displaying 3D objects. [#6223]


  • Added new “File > Open Example” menu in Vuo Editor. [#3291]
  • Added new example compositions for Syphon. [#6545]

Vuo Editor

  • Improved presentation of node documentation when browsing the node library. You no longer have to hover over each node in the node library to view its documentation. [#3084] [#5263] [#6484] [#6281]
  • Fixed crash when double-clicking a folder in the “File Open” dialog while in column view mode. (Thanks to @synnack for reporting this issue.) [#6424]
  • Improved performance when scrolling and filtering the node library. [#6490]
  • Fixed issue that caused node library to auto-scroll after applying a search filter resulting in a long list of matches. [#6555]
  • Fixed issue where some matching words within node titles weren’t emboldened within node library search results. [#6479]
  • Fixed crash when attempting to disconnect a published data+event cable from its internal published input port. [#6488]
  • Fixed issue where Vuo’s font failed to load on Mac OS 10.7 and earlier. [#5159]

Built-in Nodes, Types, and Input Editors

  • Added new nodes for sending and receiving images via Syphon, and for listing and selecting Syphon servers. [#6454]
  • Fixed issue preventing some users (locales that use comma as a decimal separator) from entering real number values. (Thanks to @3lab_tv, @Steamboy, @tfrank, and @bonne for reporting this issue — 1, 2, 3.) [#6422]
  • Improved rendering speed and regularity by fixing an issue where the CVDisplayLink was blocking on the main thread’s event loop. [#5961]
  • Added a requestedFrame output to the Render Image to Window node. (Thanks to @tobyspark for requesting this.) [#6539] [#6256]
  • Added new Fire on Display Refresh node. [#6539]
  • Fixed issue where the Render Scene to Image node lacked a depth buffer. (Thanks to @mnstri for reporting this issue.) [#6440]
  • Added new port depthImage to the Render Scene to Image node. [#6440]
  • Improved the input editor for colors so that it live-updates changes to the color (you no longer need to press “OK” to preview the change). [#6268]
  • Fixed issue where a rubberband selection would begin after dismissing the color dialog. (Thanks to @destroythings for reporting this issue.) [#6268]
  • Improved formatting of list values when hovering over a port in a running composition. [#5900]
  • Fixed issue when using input editors for points where the keyboard focus would land on the last coordinate. [#6365]
  • Changed constant flags for reals and points to respect the decimal point symbol specified by the user’s locale. [#6422]
  • Changed real number and point input editors to no longer show trailing zeroes. [#5724] [#6422]
  • Fixed issue that caused a previously-set constant real number to be rounded to two decimal places upon reopening its input editor. [#6169]
  • Fixed issue where the Leap nodes Get Frame Values and Get Hand Values might cause crashes if passed an empty VuoLeapFrame or VuoLeapHand, respectively. (Thanks to @kiwi for reporting this issue.) [#6552]
  • Fixed memory leak in the Receive Leap Frame node. [#6368]
  • Clarified the documentation on the coordinate system used by Leap nodes. [#6508]
  • Added Discard Data from Event nodes for the Leap and MIDI node sets. [#6576]
  • Fixed issue where input editors with slider widgets failed to update when spinning the mouse wheel. [#6278]
  • Added ability to manipulate numeric input editors by spinning the mouse wheel over the text field. [#6280]
  • Fixed leak when deleting image filter nodes. [#6582]
  • Fixed issue where console window didn’t disappear (or free its resources) when the Display Console Window node is deleted. [#3121]


  • Added ability to load node classes, types, and library modules from zip files. See Packaging Node Sets for more information. [#2878] [#5787]
  • Added ability to share GL textures with Vuo but maintain ownership of them (so Vuo doesn’t delete them for you). (Thanks to @mrray for requesting this.) [#6537]
  • Added ability to format node and node set descriptions using Markdown, and to optionally load node descriptions from a separate file. [#4709]
  • Fixed build errors for API examples on Mac OS 10.6. [#3290]
  • Clarified documentation on when the Vuo compiler does and does not automatically handle memory management. [#6454]
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