This release adds three main features — the ability to export a composition as a Mac application, nodes for playing videos, and nodes for working with cameras in 3D scenes — and many other improvements.


Here’s what we’ve done in the last 3 weeks:


  • Updated the documentation to cover new nodes and features. [#6748] [#6561] [#6700]
  • Fixed documentation about spaces in file input ports. [#6710]

Example Compositions

  • Added example composition SwitchCameras.vuo. [#6701]
  • Added example composition PlayMovie.vuo. [#6602]
  • Added example composition MoveSpinningSphere.vuo. [#6553]
  • Fixed the broken link from the Receive Image via Syphon node documentation to the ReceiveImages.vuo example composition. [#6545]

Vuo Editor

  • Added the ability to turn a composition into a Mac application (File > Export App). [#3362]
  • Added the ability to drag a cable to an offscreen node. (Thanks to @mnstri for suggesting this.) [#6283]
  • Changed the documentation for nodes on the canvas to be displayed in popovers instead of tooltips. [#6266]
  • Made it easier to detach port popovers. They can now be detached by clicking, not just by dragging. They remain open while being hovered over. [#6680]
  • Increased the margin around the composition canvas. (Thanks to @mnstri for suggesting this.) [#6282]
  • Fixed the display of monospace-font text in the node popovers on Retina displays. [#6616]
  • Fixed cases where the “Show Node Library” keyboard shortcut wouldn’t do anything. [#5676]
  • Fixed the crash when trying to rename a published port to contain a dot or other disallowed character. (Thanks to @mnstri for reporting this issue.) [#6356]
  • Fixed node popovers not being dismissed when clicking on the published port sidebars. [#6610]

Built-in Nodes, Types, and Input Editors

  • Added the Play Movie and Get Movie Info nodes. [#6595] [#6600] [#6599]
  • Added the Make Perspective Camera and Make Orthographic Camera nodes. [#6649]
  • Added support for relative file paths in nodes with file input ports, such as Get Image and Get Scene. (Thanks to @mnstri for suggesting this.) [#5947]
  • Improved the way the Render Scene to Window node handles events that are coming in faster than the display refresh rate. Now it only renders once per display refresh. (Thanks to @gabe for reporting this issue.) [#6553]
  • Improved the performance of graphics nodes by using CGLMacro. (Thanks to @mrray for suggesting this.) [#6536]
  • Prevented the Get Mouse node from firing extraneous scroll events. [#3712]
  • Fixed intermittent crashes when switching between full-screen and windowed mode for the Render Scene to Window and Render Image to Window nodes. [#6617]
  • Fixed hangs when changing a running composition with a Fire on Display Refresh node. [#6664]
  • Fixed intermittent crashes when changing or stopping a running composition with a Fire on Display Refresh, Render Scene to Window, or Render Image to Window node. [#6665] [#6688]
  • Fixed the displayed image flickering between the correct image (from Render Scene to Window) and the incorrect image (from Render Scene to Image) when these nodes are both used in a composition. (Thanks to @mnstri for reporting this issue.) [#6305]
  • Fixed crashes when connecting a Shade With Image node to a Make 3D Object node in a running composition. (Thanks to @mnstri for reporting this issue.) [#6305]
  • Fixed the garbage image being displayed by Render Image to Window before it has received an image. [#5946]
  • Fixed intermittent crashes when starting a composition with a Send Image via Syphon node while a Syphon client is already running. [#6726]
  • Fixed crashes when a composition has a Make Sphere Vertices node with 0 rows and columns. (Thanks to @sinsynplus for reporting this issue.) [#6660]
  • Fixed intermittent crashes when using the Quit menu item to quit a composition with a console or graphics window. [#6738]
  • Fixed tearing in graphics on some systems caused by rendering not being synchronized with display refreshes. [#6727]

Compiler and Runtime

  • Enabled more parts of the composition to run concurrently. Previously, the nodes for an event wouldn’t begin to execute until all nodes downstream of the trigger port were finished executing previous events. Now, the nodes can begin to execute earlier (in many cases, only waiting for the nodes directly connected to them). This improves the performance of many compositions when running on multicore processors. It also fixes issues where compositions with multiple trigger ports (such as WanderImage.vuo) would block on a slow trigger. [#5934]
  • Made apps built from compositions eligible for the Mac App Store by removing the uses of private API functions. (Thanks to Ali M. Demirel for prompting this.) [#6293]
  • Fixed intermittent data corruption between a trigger port and the input ports it’s connected to. [#6709]

Command-Line Tools

  • Added command-line tool vuo-export to turn a composition into a Mac application. [#3362]

SDK and Example Projects

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