This release focuses on adding support for generic types, receiving OSC messages, and rendering text.

If you open a composition created in a previous release, it may show up as unsaved (with a black dot in the middle of the red close button). This is because some of the node class names have changed. To help you smoothly transition from previous releases, the Vuo Editor automatically renames these node classes. When you save the composition, the Vuo Editor saves it with the node classes renamed.


Here’s what we’ve done in the last 4 weeks:


  • Updated Vuo Manual:
    • Added explanation of generic nodes. [#7027]
    • Added a new section providing an overview of the built-in nodes, including an explanation of Vuo’s coordinate system. [#6847]
    • Added arrows indicating the part of the node that is the trigger port. [#6625]
    • Changed color of links in the table of contents, so it’s more apparent that you can click these links. [#7011]
    • Clarified which compositions are available as example compositions in the Vuo Editor, and how to access them. [#7054]
    • Clarified the multiple windows example composition. [#6626]
  • Improved and expanded the documentation for the vuo.image and vuo.layer node sets. [#7034]
  • Added a “Help” menu that contains a link to the Vuo Manual, and allows searching example compositions. [#7010]
  • To the node set documentation, added the list of node classes in that node set, along with a brief description of each node. [#6585] [#6956]


  • Added new Cycle Seasons example composition (under vuo.list), demonstrating the new Cycle through List node. [#6807]
  • Added new Is Mouse Within Rectangle example composition (under vuo.point), demonstrating the new Is within Rectangle node. [#7203]
  • Added new Receive OSC example composition (under vuo.osc), demonstrating the new Receive OSC Messages and Get Message Values nodes. [#7195]
  • Added new Render Text example composition (under vuo.image), demonstrating the new Make Text Image node. [#6969]
  • Inserted spaces in example composition names to make them easier to read (and so they show up in the “Help” menu’s search results). [#6621]

Vuo Editor

  • Numerous changes related to implementing generic types:
    • Added a context menu to set the type of a generic port, and to revert it back to generic. [#6972] [#7096]
  • Fixed bug that meant that tinting a node (or undoing the tint) failed to take immediate effect on the node except upon its ports. [#7029]

Built-in Nodes, Types, and Input Editors

  • Unified many redundant node implementations into single generic implementations. (Still some more to do, though.) [#7069]
  • New nodes:
    • Make Text Image [#4998]
    • Make Font [#4998]
    • vuo.osc nodes —
      • Receive OSC Messages [#4600]
      • Filter by Address [#4600]
      • Get Message Values [#4600]
    • Make Color Layer [#6865]
    • Make Color Image [#6864]
    • Renamed the old Make Layer node to Make Scaled Layer, and added a new Make Layer node that displays images pixel-aligned at real size. (Thanks to @George_Toledo for suggesting this.) [#5748]
    • Switch (Similar to Toggle, but allows explicitly setting the state.) [#7001]
    • Calculate Sine/Cosine/Tangent (Thanks to @mnstri for suggesting this.) [#6389]
    • Calculate Absolute Value (Thanks to @mnstri for suggesting this.) [#6389]
    • Convert Beats Per Minute to Seconds and Convert Seconds to Beats Per Minute (Thanks to @mnstri for suggesting this.) [#6389]
    • Cycle through List [#6807]
    • Is within Rectangle/Circle/Box/Sphere nodes [#6856] [#6807]
  • Fixed negative output of the Measure Time node after pausing, resetting, and re-starting the timer. (Thanks to @Pianomatic for reporting this.) [#6964]
  • Enabled retina (2x) resolution when rendering scenes and layers on capable displays. [#7005]
  • Modified the Count nodes so that their initial count is determined by the value of the setCount port. [#6780]
  • Modified the Play Movie node so that its initial position is determined by the value of the setTime port. [#6780]
  • Fixed issue in Make Parametric Vertices where normals were calculated incorrectly on closed edges. [#6790]
  • Added support for playback of Flash movies and animated GIFs. [#6624]
  • Added support for seeking in movies with variable framerates (e.g., animated GIFs). [#6885]
  • Improved movie seeking performance. [#6918]
  • Renamed the integer version of Divide to Divide with Remainder to clarify that it does a different kind of division than the real-number version. [#7062]
  • Fixed issue in the Blend Images node where its “Color Dodge” mode was incorrect when foregroundOpacity was less than 1. [#6719]
  • Removed debug messages in Syphon nodes. [#6578]
  • Changed the Multiply node to output 1 (the multiplicative identity) if the list of terms is empty. [#7147]
  • Renamed Get Distance between Points nodes to Measure Distance between Points. [#6389]
  • Fixed issue where VuoImage colors were inconsistently premultiplied with alpha. Now that colors are consistently premultiplied, blending quality is improved for images rendered larger than actual size. [#4998]
  • Modified the GL texture pool to periodically delete textures that haven’t recently been used. [#7218]
  • Renamed VuoCountWrapMode to VuoWrapMode. [#6807]


  • Added generic type placeholders (VuoGenericType1, …). [#7073]
  • Added the ability to include images in node set documentation. [#6584] [#6847]

Vuo Compiler

  • Added support for compiling nodes having generic type placeholders.
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