Released on 2014.12.04

Here's what we've done in the last 2 weeks since the first Vuo 1.0 alpha build:


  • New
    • Explode Clay
    • Show Spheres with Lights
    • Show Live Audio Trail
    • Rotate in Sequence
    • Add Effect to Instant Replay
    • Display Grid of Images
    • Spin Psychedelic Checkerboard
    • Display Movie Frames
    • Display Rainbow Ovals
    • Wobble Eggs
    • Draw Shapes
    • Average Colors
  • Updated
    • Compare Cameras — Updated to show palm trees instead of a wireframe cube and sphere
    • Play Movies on Cube — Updated to include audio and live camera input
    • Flip Photo — Updated to demonstrate Make Button and to place the 3D effect inside an iPhone template image
    • Spring Back — Fixed issue where the layer would sometimes stay where you dragged it instead of springing back
    • Simplified many examples using new nodes such as Make Text Layer
    • Listed more examples in the documentation for nodes
    • Improved descriptions of many examples
    • Fixed issues with many examples where some content would be cut off when viewing in full screen or in a window with a wide aspect ratio
  • Removed example compositions that are not sufficiently simple, illustrative, and unique

Built-in Nodes, Types, and Input Editors

  • New
    • Shade with Shadertoy
    • Get Layer Bounds
    • Added support for sending/receiving MIDI pitch bend change messages
  • Modified the Calculate node to permit commas (semicolons in locales that use commas as the decimal mark), necessary to use functions that take lists of inputs: avg(), min(), max(), sum()
  • In mouse nodes, when listening for rightclick, also listen for control-leftclick
  • Improved performance of many image filter nodes by rebuilding the shader less frequently
  • Added keywords to many nodes — including more keywords for Quartz Composer equivalents — to assist in searching
  • In the 'Fire Periodically' node, clamped the firing period at a thousandth of a second, and stopped firing events when the time is zero or negative
  • Fixed crash when livecoding with a VuoRenderedLayers port that wasn't connected to anything
  • Fixed memory leak when fetching a URL fails
  • Improved performance when using Render Image to Window in fullscreen mode

Vuo Editor

  • Added the ability to use Vuo Editor without a license (save, export, and copy functions are disabled)
  • Added a dark color scheme (optional, for premium users)
  • Added the ability to hide certain cables, and a "View > Show/Hide Hidden Cables" menu item to globally toggle hidden cables
  • Added a "Welcome to Vuo" dialog
  • Applied a new style to several parts of Vuo Editor, including the node library, port popovers, error popovers, input editors, and published port sidebars
  • Made more parts of Vuo Editor Retina-compatible, including the main canvas, the node library and published port sidebar icons, and port popovers
  • When clicking on a link to an example composition from the documentation for a specific node class, automatically select and center instances of that node class within the opened example composition
  • Removed the border from port constant flags, to simplify visual appearance
  • Fixed occasional crash when specializing ports on nodes with multiple generic ports
  • Fixed issue where a composition that crashed might cause Vuo Editor to hang
  • Fixed issue where a composition that crashed might not show a crash report window
  • Fixed issue where the "Zoom to Fit" button remained disabled after the canvas size or viewport size changed
  • Clarified the error messages for missing/obsolete node classes
  • Fixed issue where connecting a forced-event-only cable from a data+event output port to a list input port caused the attached list drawer to disappear
  • Fixed issue where replacing a data+event cable with an event-only cable between the same two ports failed to re-create the attached list drawer at the "to" port
  • Fixed 'getCompiler() is null' warnings when clicking on crosshatched nodes to view their description
  • Fixed occasional crash after exporting an app
  • Replaced the upgrade paths that upgrade compositions from Vuo 0.8 or earlier to Vuo 0.9 with an upgrade path that detects if the composition was made with Vuo 0.8 or earlier and, if so, marks the obsolete nodes and removes all cables and drawers connected to them


  • Clarified and expanded documentation for many nodes
  • Capitalized variable names within node class and node set documentation for consistency with the newly-capitalized port names on the nodes themselves.

Vuo Compiler

  • Fixed a race condition in the generated code for compositions where a trigger port has a cable going into an input port on the same node
  • Fixed an issue where trigger ports would unnecessarily drop events if they had other nodes with trigger ports downstream of them


  • Updated Qt Creator wizards to include standard comparison functions
  • Removed local symbols from Vuo.framework, to further reduce its size
  • Added a fake dylib into Vuo.framework's headers-only clang.framework, to work around a bug in Gatekeeper on Mac OS 10.8.5 with Security Update 2014-005 1.0 (Thanks to lov for reporting this issue!)