Released on 2015.03.28

Since the previous alpha, Vuo 1.1.0-alpha2 fixes some bugs and finishes implementing some features.

Major new stuff in the 1.1.0-alpha2 release (since the previous alpha)

  • Finished adding the ability to export movies.
  • Added vuo.serial (serial device I/O) node set.
  • Added Displace 3D Object with Image (Rutt-Etra) node.
  • Added Calculate Amplitude for Frequencies (FFT) node.
  • Added Sample Color from Image node.
  • Added Capture Image of Screen node.
  • Added Combine 3D Stereo Images node (Pro).
  • Added options to make the Vuo Editor window transparent (View > Canvas Transparency)
  • Added the option to align nodes to a grid (View > Snap to Grid)
  • Enabled multi-line text to be entered into input editors for text ports.
  • Reduced the size of Vuo.framework in the SDK by stripping out example compositions and media.
  • Hid the icons for windowless compositions (such as image generators/filters) so they don't appear in the dock when run by 3rd-party applications.

Known issues in the 1.1.0-alpha2 release

  • File > Export > Movie limits the exported movie's duration to 99.99 seconds.
  • Vuo Editor hangs if trying to run another composition while exporting a movie.
  • On Mac OS 10.8, the Receive Live Video node doesn't output correct images for the Logitech 910 camera.


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