Audio Synthesizer

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A "modular synth" style setup exploring some of Vuo's audio/soundmaking tools.


  • Two sets of "oscillators" (detuned)
  • FM operator
  • Modulation (envelopes and LFO's)
  • Sequencer (repeating random)
  • Key/scale note quantizer
  • Wavefolder
  • Vuo's ring modulator
  • "Pan law" crossfader
  • A "placeholder" for visuals

To do: stereo

Composition and supporting files: 


Here's another spectrum plug I made using a different approach. Unfortunately this is even less accurate, but it looks fun and is useful as a visualizer. Here I have the "Calculate Amplitude for Frequencies" set to "quadratic", which arranges the bin values decently enough that they can be processed in an even row (In the previous composition I spaced the bins exponentially). With the bins spaced linearly they can then be processed as scalable rectangle layers. If anyone knows a good way of taking the bins and then reprocessing them into more accurate data then please let me know.

Composition and supporting files: 


This is a frequency spectrum I made for VJ use, particularly in Resolume. My aim was to make a spectrum that would be fun to watch mostly, rather than being super accurate. I think it makes a good base source and then you can add effects from there, ie colours, feedback etc.

Composition and supporting files: 

Device Picker

Original composition by Magneson. Here it is as a subcomposition for convenient reuse.

This composition outputs a device element from a list, with a separate control panel window for moving forward and backward in the device list. It currently uses List HIDs, but can be swapped out with List MIDI Devices, List OSC Devices, etc.

Composition and supporting files: 


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