SyphonCast v1.0

SyphonCast is an app created in Vuo 2.0.2, it looks at the primary and secondary displays connected to your Mac and allows the user to choose which display they would like to screen mirror over to Syphon. SyphonCast appropriately scales the resulting image to the broadcast resolution chosen. By default the settings are Primary Display at 1080p resolution.

I created this app to use with NDISyphon to allow me to broadcast my displays over the network to another computer.

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Quick Start

Quick start: The basics of Vuo

A quick introduction to Vuo so you can start making your own compositions


Welcome to the Vuo community. This is Jaymie from the Vuo team. This tutorial will cover the basics of Vuo so you can start making your own compositions. If you haven't already, download and install Vuo. I'm going to show you how to make an animated pattern that looks like this.

Scrolling Text with Motion Blur

Made in response to a text scrolling discussion.

If you are using it in VDMX, we think it's about as smooth as the QC "Scrolling Text" composition, but neither are very smooth in the preview window. If you select Window > Full-Screen Toggle, the Vuo composition is pretty smooth. To make it look smoother, the composition has some motion blur added, and it accumulates the position via Count instead of using the Time input, so that if macOS causes it to drop a frame, the text won't jump horizontally.

Composition and supporting files: 

Follow Leap Position Trail

prackvj's picture

Based in the DrawTailBehindMouse composition (in the manual, page 79), but instead of the mouse position, I used the hand position to draw the trail. The Grab command define the thickness (open hand show nothing, you must grab your hand a little: more grab, more thickness. Its a very simple composition, remixes are more than welcome :) I'm a very beginner, happy with the 2.0 version...

Composition and supporting files: 


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