Updated and cleaned up version of "Magneson's List Tools" compiled for Vuo v2.0.3

Most nodes are now of the generic type kind so it requires less specialized nodes for each type. Sorting is still reals only due to me forgetting how i coded it, and not understanding what's going on with it anymore. I also think by the looks of it that I'd have to make separate 2d/3d/4d nodes for it which is cluttery and probably only for edge cases anyways - so you'll have to split the lists instead. Which you now can do with another node in this set!

SyphonCast v1.0

SyphonCast is an app created in Vuo 2.0.2, it looks at the primary and secondary displays connected to your Mac and allows the user to choose which display they would like to screen mirror over to Syphon. SyphonCast appropriately scales the resulting image to the broadcast resolution chosen. By default the settings are Primary Display at 1080p resolution.

I created this app to use with NDISyphon to allow me to broadcast my displays over the network to another computer.

Composition and supporting files: 

Exported App: 

Creating Final Cut Pro X plugins in Vuo

Creating Final Cut Pro X plugins in Vuo

Turning a composition into an FxPlug plugin for Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro X


Hi, this is Jaymie from the Vuo team. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create a Final Cut Pro plugin from a Vuo composition.

Plugins for Final Cut Pro and Motion are called FxPlug. There are three kinds of FxPlug plugins you can create in Vuo: video effects, transitions, and generators.

Video effects appear in the Effects Browser. They alter how a clip looks.

Transitions appear in the Transitions Browser. They transition from one clip to another.

Generators appear in the Titles and Generators sidebar. They generate clips.


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