Vuo / VDMX / Ableton Live audiovisual programming @ online

Huseyin Kuru, creative director of Motus.Lumina, is teaching an online workshop via one-on-one Zoom meetings. With 10 hours of instruction, the workshop gives each participant an in-depth look at audiovisual programming, starting from the basics. The workshop introduces participants to node-based visual programming with Vuo and explains how to create audiovisual compositions using Vuo, VDMX, and Ableton Live.

Full workshop description: English and español.


Fires a stream of "special characters" (sometimes called alt-codes or unicode).

Vuo seems to support some special characters but not others, it took me a while to figure out what characters will work. The characters are in a text file and then get spat out via an enqeue node and make text layer.

I would have liked that it either starts writing from the top rather than the bottom, but I couldn't figure that out in the short term, there seems to be some limitations with the "window alignment" options. Any ideas let me know!

Composition and supporting files: 


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