mxfx_SphereDisplace_04 takes incoming image and Extrudes a Sphere using the image's Luminance values.

Vuo FX plugin for use in VDMX and Coge. Includes Published ports to map control data from host App. Ports include:

Distance (Controls Distance of Extrusion)

posX (X Position of Sphere)

posY (Y Position of Sphere)

posZ (Z Position of Sphere)

rotX (X Rotation of Sphere)

rotY (Y Rotation of Sphere)

rotZ (Z Rotation of Sphere)

scaleX (X Scale of Sphere)

scaleY (Y Scale of Sphere)

Composition and supporting files: 

Trill Blues Organ

A variation on the PlayBluesOrgan example composition. This version demonstrates the Track Single Note node, which keeps track of which keys are pressed and selects a certain tone based on its Note Priority input. By using the "Last Note" priority, you can hold one key while tapping another, and when you release the second key the tone switches back to the first key, allowing you to perform trills.

Composition and supporting files: 


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