360° image/movie viewer

View a 360° image or movie by dragging the file into this composition's window. Drag the mouse to look around. Scroll to change the field of view.

For best results, images and movies should be equirectangular panoramas (360° on the X axis, 180° on the Y axis).

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Nature Movement

This composition was created by William J Mackwood. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

It demonstrates the 'nature movement' used in "Rallentando, a restoration" project by Out of the Box Productions. You may use any element of it. Note that the leaves and grass move as if in a gentle breeze, the upper right corner clouds evolve, and there are random birds flying through the scene.

It will open with a Display Console Window with this message, simply delete the Display Console Window node after reading.

Composition and supporting files: 

The Bridges bewteen the Universes

Not the first points + lines grid of the composition gallery, here is my attempt (everybody has to make a point grid once ;))

Bridges between universes, you know, the whole thing, holographic universes, subatomic stuff, black and white holes, interstellar ... ;)

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[ SpaceInSpace ]

A simple App.

2 Spheres inside one other with Space Images Materialized and some light orbs floating in it. It has a Draggable Camera so you can Zoom In/out by scrolling and Rotate in Space by holding Clicking+Move.

Love space and that feeling of being in space ... It's all one quantum world.

The space image is CC Art made by Judy Schmidt geckzilla.com.

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