mxfx_SphereDisplace_04 takes incoming image and Extrudes a Sphere using the image's Luminance values.

Vuo FX plugin for use in VDMX and Coge. Includes Published ports to map control data from host App. Ports include:

Distance (Controls Distance of Extrusion)

posX (X Position of Sphere)

posY (Y Position of Sphere)

posZ (Z Position of Sphere)

rotX (X Rotation of Sphere)

rotY (Y Rotation of Sphere)

rotZ (Z Rotation of Sphere)

scaleX (X Scale of Sphere)

scaleY (Y Scale of Sphere)

Composition and supporting files: 

VDMX Plugin - Image (layer) Data Source example

A simple "Hello World" example of a VDMX plugin used to create a Data Source. Colour values are sampled from one layer (Layer 2, checkerboard) and used to drive an FX in another layer (Layer 1, mov). The layer, sample position and sample size can be changed in the plugin's window.

Download contains: Screen-Shot-001.png (Vuo), Screen-Shot-002.png (VDMX),, 2bp Image Plugin 001.vuo (plugin)

Install the Vuo plugin in ~/Library/Application Support/VDMX/plugins

Composition and supporting files: 


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