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    I just posted about a similar behaviour, with the 3D displacement:

    On VUO 128 looks fine, on VUO 2 looks glitchy and specially it gets really slow. Is there anything I can do? specially related to the performance thing?

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    Thanks. Yes, it is exactly this problem:

    Displace 3D Object with image

    Vuo 1 : Fine Vuo 2 : Lightning flickers, choppy animation

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    Light-Texture-Sphere -> VUO1.2.8 - VUO 2

    I have been updating some of my Vuo compositions from the 1.2.8 version to the 2 version. And I am getting some difficulties with the LIT shaders on 3d objects.

    I have uploaded some files in attachment (print screens and the composition file) in two versions (A: VUO 1.2.8 and B: VUO 2.1.0) I the composition a sphere with strips as image layers gets deformed/displaced by another strip image.

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    visiophone commented on visiophone's Discussion, “Vuo 2.0.1 Crashing on Start Up

    Yes. Just tried 2.0.2. Works Fine