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    visiophone posted a new Composition, “Check Audio Device

    Check Audio Device

    Composition Module for easily selection of the audio device. Copy the composition to the Modules folder. Use it in any composition by selection it from the Nodes Library. On start a new window will appear, select the audio device by clicking SPACE.

    Comes with an example composition that uses audio frequencies to change width & height of a cube.

    (Needs a Fire on start)

    Composition and supporting files: 

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    I just posted about a similar behaviour, with the 3D displacement:

    On VUO 128 looks fine, on VUO 2 looks glitchy and specially it gets really slow. Is there anything I can do? specially related to the performance thing?

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    Thanks. Yes, it is exactly this problem:

    Displace 3D Object with image

    Vuo 1 : Fine Vuo 2 : Lightning flickers, choppy animation

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    Light-Texture-Sphere -> VUO1.2.8 - VUO 2

    I have been updating some of my Vuo compositions from the 1.2.8 version to the 2 version. And I am getting some difficulties with the LIT shaders on 3d objects.

    I have uploaded some files in attachment (print screens and the composition file) in two versions (A: VUO 1.2.8 and B: VUO 2.1.0) I the composition a sphere with strips as image layers gets deformed/displaced by another strip image.