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Thank you for reporting this. I've given you 5 votes.

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Would you mind re-sending the composition you referred to? We didn't receive it. When we receive it, we'll take a look.

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Jean Marie commented on wmackwood's Discussion, “Get mesh values . . .

Thanks! We'll take a look.

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As you may know, you can use one of the Select Input or Select Latest nodes to change which window properties are expressed.

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It's totally OK to copy-paste nodes from Vuo 1.x compositions into Vuo 2.0. The nodes that have been replaced in Vuo 2.0 are "deprecated" — there's some more info about that at and .

At some point we may need to remove the deprecated nodes, but we haven't set a timeline for removing them. It mostly depends on how much effort it takes to keep the deprecated nodes working (which so far hasn't been much).

As for multiple "Set Window Properties", you can chain nodes, as seen in the "Show Primary and Secondary Window" example composition under the Window examples.