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You can make a vector from the relative positions of the eyes, then use Make Quaternion from Vectors to calculate the vector's angle. Here's a composition to get you started.

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We've confirmed this, and accepted the bug report. Thank you.

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Yes, for Retina. The node documentation says, "In Points mode, the window’s physical size will stay the same when dragged between a Retina and non-Retina display, and the number of pixels covered by the window will change. 
In Pixels mode, the window will resize itself when dragged between a Retina and non-Retina display in order to cover the same number of pixels." We made it the default so Vuo compositions would behave like typical macOS apps, like Preview.

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Jean Marie commented on keithlang's Discussion, “💎 Some UX proposals

Keith, thanks for your feedback. We always appreciate community members' perspectives. In addition to what has been noted previously:

Often lists/other data is truncated or flows in a way that's hard for me to see.

We're going to implement Summarize List Items node in the next release, which should help.

About dragging comments: We decided to make comments only draggable by the titlebar so that you can drag a rubberband within the comment, to easily select multiple nodes that are surrounded by a comment.

And about linebreaks, ⌥↵ (Option-Return) inserts a linebreak in comments and other Vuo text fields. (It's listed with some other nifty shortcuts in the Keyboard Shortcut section of the manual.)

Again, thanks for your input. Please consider creating feature requests for changes you'd like to see. That way, the rest of the community can add their thoughts (and votes!), allowing us to better understand how a feature would benefit the community as a whole.

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Jean Marie commented on David's Bug Report, “Decode Movie Image hangs


Sorry, not yet. It's still in our bug report queue.