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9 months ago
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very cool and inspiring artworks, Luiz.

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@useful design commented on @jersmi's Feature Request, “Turn Share Value into a slider

So is this for use in the Editor only I think? Would be cool to have inputs that could be programatically editable for input datatype and values. I think it's a seperate FR though.

If a Shared Number (see what I did there) node could have a second input port for settings to take a JSON of the Min/Max/Step/Default/Int|Real|Bool just like is used under the hood then that would be a nice start in that direction.

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Jaymie (@jstrecker) I'll move this to another FR, please let me know which one, but one thing that I've constantly asked for in Vuo since pre-Alpha days even because it was such a frustrating limitation for me in QC when building applications with QCBuilder or layers for other Apps. Layers for Vision mixing/presentation software mostly in my case but also stand alone apps, In the editor obviously you can alter the published input datatypes with the Setttings Panel (⌘2 shortcut). But not depending on state of a running composition programatically which is my desired function here. Starting with Min/Max vapes on sliders but ideally all input type and value definitions for published inputs.

Scriptable Editor wouldn't do it because it needs to operate in the compiled application even running in VDMX or stand alone application.


  • change the range a numeric slider can operate in and the step value
  • change from integer number input to real number input
  • change the options on a enumerated list (known as a labelled index input in QC) to be context appropriate (i.e. change the list items on the fly) or grey menu item options out; or for that matter hide and show inputs according to other inputs or program state.
  • programatically change the input the user sees to reflect a change of state generated within the composition. e.g. sides on a shape, left and right arrow keys increase and decrease the number of sides. Sometimes you want to enter a number or see the number of sides, be nice if the input kept up with the state change within the composition to reflect current number of sides to the shape.

It's something that turns out would be incredibly useful in making QC/Vuo layers more functional and UI powerful if we could perform these more Cocca like nice tricks.

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Thanks @jersmi, had a quick look and I'm not sure what you are doing here, I'll need more time to figure it out. Could you give a quick run through the maths and logic of what it's doing to make it easier for me please?

I went looking for a quad patch, because I want to do a limited application where I have to lines/curves on a graph and I want to fill the region between them. I have regular X positions/intervals and variable Y values. So I could do it pretty easily iterating through two lists concurrently and making a set of quads, one per pair of points. But I could only find a Quad layer, I'm not sure if that's that way to go, might have some penalty in making a bunch of layers when I don't need them. Using @Bodysoulspirit's method I can substituent Y values into a 3D square of columns using similar thing to what he did in the example above.

Quad Family patch and a few lines of JS and I'd have it nailed in QC, but the QC smooth curve plug-in by Kineme isn't functional enough for me, it comes with features (kinks/wonks that shouldn't be there and aren't in Vuo curves) I can't accept. I'd like to do in Vuo anyhow, it's the future.