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2 months ago
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Highlight / visual cue to show connection between port and detached port popover

If you click on a port that already has been expanded into a floating palette window nothing happens. Maybe the palette window could blink off and on again or just some little signal flash in the title bar so it's easy to find out of a group of them.


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@useful design commented on @pbourke's Discussion, “Placement on multiple screens

Ok, unfortunately my two ext displays are in different locations to each other. I could try finding an extra monitor there to borrow and test you comp on weekend if Team Vuo have not responded by then.

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One workaround would be to put a significant part of the composition into a compiled Vuo node (.vuonode) that the openable .vuo file uses. That way you could claim commercial IP on the .vuonode and this would discourage unapproved reuse by 3rd parties reselling your work. Requires being able to code a .vuonode in C though.

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Still struggling with a workable method for this problem. Perhaps I need to convert this to a FR of some kind?

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@useful design commented on @pbourke's Discussion, “Placement on multiple screens

Does it help if you take the Requested Frame outputs and wire them to the Play Movie node or some other patch just to keep the events flowing?

For what it's worth, I changed the window positions so one is placed on my Retina display (0,0) and the other on my external display (2000,0) and both windows appeared 10 times in 10 restarts of the comp (with no other changes to comp).