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Thanks for the comp Jaymie (@jstrecker). I'll look at this some more when I have more time but it doesn't seem to cover the use cases I want to explore. And correcting for the black corner is unworkable for me. It's hard enough putting an idea into Vuo for me without having to pull that kind of workaround. Also the rotation doesn't look to be clearly on the triangle edge to me.

Ultimately I'd want to be able to rotate a bunch of points or triangles/quads around an arbitrary axis, like an edge of one single object in a single node as a calculation on [X,Y,Z] lists.

Here is an illustration of a long strip (quad) that gets folded a bunch of times to make a "K" shaped object. Imagine watching the folding happening like origami through a series of transformations.


I would have to update the set of points to be "folded" after each fold transformation has been animated to remove the pair of points where the last fold took place and add a new quad to the list of stationary quads. I'd want to handle this programmatically for simplicities sake. I'd much prefer to be doing this all with point co-ordinates that I can see and check as numbers rather than sending it into the black box of the transform node which I can't validate the numbers out of. That's why I'm attempting to learn C so I can roll my own nodes, Vuo just isn't set up to work the way I like to think and used to work in QC, as as much as I'm happy to learn the new way of doing things, it's not unlocking the potential power of Vuo for me just yet.

I started writing a long post on another thread about this more general limitation/frustration I experience in Vuo so often and was editing it over the last two weeks but a restart of Chrome lost me the comment (unsaved). I expect I'll end up rewriting it at some point, it's basically a QC was Lego and Vuo is like Meccano to me kind of post exploring how I keep getting myself painted into a corner without the right node to get me out of it in Vuo, whereas QC could be slow and frustrating but generally you could hack something together in the end and there felt like a lifetime's worth of flexibility in terms of patches fitting together and language versatility in QC (especially with all the amazing Kineme addons). I just can't get that flow (an intuitive, creative mind-state) in Vuo so this FR is an attempt to provide some of the basic functionality to get me started. I'd really like to see it opened for voting, to me it's a no brainer kind of fundamental functionality to provide for Vuo to be built on with other nodes.

(i imagined it was going to be easier to use C than it is when I first suggested we have a QC replacement where the nodes are written in C to get optimal speed and where we can write/modify our own, to be honest most of the stuff I'm looking to write in nodes is just performing calculations on a bunch of (X,Y,Z) points and colors so it could probably happen in a Lua/JS/Python node plenty fast enough!).

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@useful design commented on @alexmitchellmus's Feature Request, “Deploy compositions as OpenFX

BlackMagic Design have included OpenFX plugin support to Fusion 9 with VR (release August 1, 2017).

They've also dropped the price of Fusion from $995 to US$299, and you can install as many times as you like as rendering nodes for free. Fusion has a load of high-end compositing tools built in like a new planar tracker that can scan video footage and work out camera moves and focal lengths for AR and other comping effects. I don't know the OpenFX architecture and if it offers anything beyond what FXPlug offers in Motion, but Fusion looks considerably more powerful than Motion.

I'm not a user of Fusion but if there was a pathway to use my VUO comps as plugins it could make a good design tool, the way FCP & Motion will be for Vuo image effects when it can export FxPlug which has been choosen by Team Vuo (@root) to be implemented, hopefully it will be in the next major release, v1.3

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@useful design commented on @root's Feature Request, “Deploy compositions as FxPlug plugins

Ah @kingluma I know you as Boris Effects… much respect to you! I also recall you organised someone within Apple management to address a bunch of unfixed and showstopping bugs in one of the more recent releases, thanks heaps for that, was embarrassing that they disowned QC for so long.

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This composition draws a blurry line. Not sure how it relates to the data thought at first glance. So edited that one to have same resolution and colour bit depth and multisampling as the first composition and again no image. I cannot handle 8x multisampling with the other settings as they were in first comp. To get the composition to multisample at 8x for that resolution (3840 x 2160 px) it needs to be 8bit colour, which is fine for a graph actually.

I've got a AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2048 MB on a late 2015 MBP, I'd have thought it could take anything Vuo could throw at it, even if it was slower than some cards.

What are GPU a you using?

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Hey thanks for taking an interest Magneson (@MartinusMagneson). I can't get you composition to display anything. It's loading the CSV and making the points but no images at end of the pipe. (QC is nice in that you can hover over an output port and see a little preview image).