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Thanks Jaymie.

So Hold Value and similar nodes with walls on all ports will get a new trigger port to replace refresh port?

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Thanks, perfect @Jaymie! One tiny change to the Make Image Layer's Anchor port gave me right-justified text, evenly arranged. Excellent, and easy when you know how!

I've since learned how to change position in process list too so that would have been another (harder) way I suppose.

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No pattern as such. Will keep eyes open. Tend to keep all compositions in the one Dropbox folder b/c I can share across my macs. Possible a folder name/structure was changed a one point but this happens more often that that. Notice especially after crashes (of course :-) ).

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@useful design commented on @monkey0815's Feature Request, “Polygon node

On further research, I think any initial Polygon from Point List needs to be confined to a 2D plane, so only 2D Point admitted in the input posts for coords and maybe an optional input for the plane, which defaults to the {X, Y, 0} plane.

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you may need to trim protruding corners on the large angle side

Yes didn't want to complicate my answer with that detail!… Illustrator gives the choice of three corner options and has a parameter input of "limit" for the chamfering one which decides when it will extend out and when it will chamfer.

Above shows three strokes of differing widths, colour and corner settings applied to four closed paths. (Note not using identical corners settings for shape, it's illustrative not a direct comparison with identical settings, note shape 2 is a compound path and shape 3 has corners getting all three treatments with the green stroke set to corner limit of "4x")

Stokes palette in AI.

actually one wants to trim to avoid coplanar meshes on the small angle side

And yes, coincident coplanar mesh bits would need a "boolean add" operation under the hood or transparency would not work without generating ugly artifacts all over the corners. Maybe even at 100% opacity artifacts/nasty edges would appear. But surely there are OSS libraries that do this kind of thing? Mac Toolbox circa 1990 should be able to do it!