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1 year ago
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But having programatic changing of input lists and ranges is something I'm really wanting was a constant source of frustration with QC for me, so I ended up making HTML?CSS/JS interface for one client doing livestreams at stadium venues.

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I just spent several hours over a couple of days trying to program something in After Effects using expressions to create a paramedic text quote FX and it was pretty nightmarish just because the UI is not set up for coders. took about 20-40 different expressions, possibly a JS script writing the expressions into the file is the way to go but I haven't gone that far yet. Any how I hated the experience, as I could have made something in QC to do same WAY more easily and wish I had have gone that route and bought the NI wrapper software to make it PremPro/AE compatible. So really interested in a beta of this, and the other FR for the Adobe apps (bigger market than FCPX/motion if you include Windows machines).

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Alastair commented on Jean Marie's Newsletter, “New and improved nodes in Vuo 2.0

HTML page link looks good, there was a plugin for QC (not the Kineme server/client plugin) that created a web socket which allowed pretty effortless UI construction in a browser window, I loved it, sliders you can set the range of and sliders and menu items that are dynamic i.e. can be changed with code, depending on the context/state of code.

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Alastair commented on Team Vuo's Feature Request, “Deploy compositions as Adobe plugins

Does this format have a name? (like FXPlugin is name for FCP/Motion plugins)

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Importing artwork from Illustrator (looking for a Kineme PDF Importer patch functionality)

What methods do people use for getting artwork from Illustrator into Vuo.

I want to bring in some type matched to existing artwork in an AI file. So exporting 18 characters as seperate PNGs is boring. I could do something in Vuo to take the sentence, split into a list of chars, make scene objects of each and animate the motion paths and colour/opacity I guess, and use a placed image to set starting positions.