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2 years ago
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Or if right clicking was context aware, if cursor is over a List type port Vuo chooses the Share List node and wires it (inline with other nodes if necessary and an output port).

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One thing I really like in Origami is that the keyboard keys are shortcuts for most commonly used patches. and if the mouse is hovering over a port, it wires the patch to that port, inline if there is already a cable there. Very nice, and extremely fast to code with compared to stock QC/Vuo.

Might make some different FR around these points as this one seems like a no go.

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Ok Bodysoulspirit I'd forgotten or always been ignorant of the fact that one can right click and produce a Shared Value node, so that does change things quite a bit.

Although it's often a Share List node I'm after not a Share Value, be good if we could right click on the Share Value and change to a Share List maybe?

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Happens quite often to me. In QC i would add an output splitter and connect the new node to the splinter but that adds an extra splitter which isn't the best in term of speed.

I don't think splitters in QC or Share Value/List nodes reduce run-time speed in any way, the interpreter(QC) compiler (Vuo) would reduce them out of composition I expect.

I love splitters in QC!

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Alastair commented on alexmitchellmus's Feature Request, “Insert node between other nodes

Origami does this and it's really a nice feature to use.