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Hi everyone,

i worked further, and here i am now:

see video. Whats the way to synchronize the two lists?

Thanx Michael

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why do my uploaded images disappear after a while? Here they are again.

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next try of arranging the items per verse(line) in an optimal way.

here you see the list of width in px of all elements in one line.

The amount of items varies between 1 and 12. Till now the x-positions of these items is ruled by the "Arrange layers in row" node. I want to change this.

width of each element = W1;W2 ... W6

Total width of all elements = "WT" = W1 + W2 + W3 ... + W..

x-pos means the distance from the left edge of the window in pixels where the left edge of the element will be set.

x0 = (Width of window - WT) / 2
[the empty space left of the verse to the left edge of the window is the same than at the right side. horizontally centering the verse.]

x1 = x-pos of left edge of element 1 = x0

x2 = x-pos of element 2 : x1+ W1

x3 = x-pos of element 3 : x2+ W2

x4 = x-pos of element 4 : x3+ W3


what will be the kings road to arrange text layers or images in that order?

for any suggestions and work, big THNX.

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simple question, i hope: what does that sign means, what does it do and how to handle it? The gray sign left and right of the Window-port.