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Charles (@microlomaniac)

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Thank you Magneson, thank you Jamie! That's a great starting point. I'll go ahead and make this thing 3D.

For anyone who's interested, I've attached my current WIP (still only y-axis rotation) plus a node I've made for combining game controller and keyboard inputs, with optional visualisation. WASD = left stick, arrow keys = right stick. As soon as I add the buttons I'll share the node to the gallery.

/edit: I've simplified the composition a little, and implemented X axis rotation. Now I can walk around and look around, which is already quite nice. Now on to refreshing my knowledge about Pytagoras' theorem... :)

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Charles commented on Magneson's Feature Request, “MIDI Clock / MTC support

Can I vote for this being implemented in the non-pro version of Vuo? ;) It's the only thing preventing me from switching completely from QC to Vuo with my current project.

Then again, there's always a workaround.... (hint: use QC to "translate" midi clock information into OSC messages)

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"Fly" through 3D scene (with a USB HID controller)

Hi Vuo community,

I've been visuals with Quartz Composer until now, and just yesterday decided to switch to Vuo. Having played around with Vuo the whole day yesterday, I'm starting to feel comfortable with the Editor already (no surprise, coming from QC).

There is one thing I would love to accomplish, though, which seems to be equally difficult in Vuo as it is in QC:

**I would like to "fly" my camera through the 3D scene, using a controller, like in a video game. (anyone remember the Descent series? :)) **

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You can also Cmd+click the "fire arrow" of any node, saving you precious right-clicks.