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You can use the Save Data and Fetch Data nodes, optionally in conjunction with the Tree nodes, to retain the state of the UI nodes.

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A scrolling text composition that can be used in VDMX has been added to the composition gallery.

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Jean Marie commented on Jean Marie's Composition, “Scrolling Text with Motion Blur


Like David Lublin's patch, Scrolling text with motion blur has a port for File Input. The FileInput port is what VDMX uses to input the text data. To use the composition in VDMX, you should place it in the ~/Library/Application Support/VDMX/vuoTextSources folder, then restart VDMX, create a Text Source, and choose it as the Text Source Composition. You may find the VDMX documentation on Vuo, which includes some information on Vuo Text Sources useful:

Is it possible to turn off the looping so it only scrolls once?

You can turn off looping by just changing Count within Range's Wrap Mode from Wrap to Saturate.

The text field doesn't enlarge when you add more than two lines of text, making it a bit tricky to edit, is it possible to have a scrollbar on the text field, maybe this is a VDMX question? When you trigger a second instance there is a brief pause before it switches, is this unavoidable? Is there any way to flag the end of the text in VDMX so you can use that to trigger another instance or perhaps another event?

We think these are VDMX questions.

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Jean Marie posted a new Composition, “Scrolling Text with Motion Blur

Scrolling Text with Motion Blur

Made in response to a text scrolling discussion.

If you are using it in VDMX, we think it's about as smooth as the QC "Scrolling Text" composition, but neither are very smooth in the preview window. If you select Window > Full-Screen Toggle, the Vuo composition is pretty smooth. To make it look smoother, the composition has some motion blur added, and it accumulates the position via Count instead of using the Time input, so that if macOS causes it to drop a frame, the text won't jump horizontally.

Composition and supporting files: 

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Since you have a current Vuo license, you should be able to download and run the Vuo 2.0 beta Community Edition from the download page. The links are at the bottom of the page.