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conanp posted a new Bug Report, “Vuo using CPU for HAP playback?

Vuo using CPU for HAP playback?

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Hello, hoping someone can compare their experience playing back HAP-encoded content in Vuo 1.2.8. I'm finding that Vuo appears to be using CPU for HAP playback on the two systems I have available to test (MacBook Pro with dGPU running 10.13.6 and Mac Pro with GTX 1070 running 10.12.6):

Pretty simple to reproduce, using "Play Movie" node with HAP-encoded movie file as input, then seeing these results on the MacBook Pro:

CPU usage for 2560x2560 HAP-encoded playback: Vuo: 250% VLC: 70% QC with the CoGeHAP Player: 25%

For 1080p content: Vuo: 100% VLC: 35% QC: 15%

Video files are encoded with Apple Compressor, AVF Batch Converter, QuickTime 7 Pro, no effect on the issue. This is my first attempt at using Vuo to replace some utility QC compositions, hopefully I'm missing something or having an issue unique to my setup.