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    Hi Michele,

    Thank you very much for the reply. 🙏

    I've made this with your instructions 😉. And put it just before OSC Make Message.

    This work really well to stop feedback from buttons and incoming OSC Controller Data. It didn't stop the feedback if i moved the "make slider" in the Vuo app. But i solved that by using a Receive Mouse Drags on Layer and a select output to close the osc input.

    Thx so much for the help....great

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    THX this helps... not exactly what i was looking for but this is a nice work-a-round. thank you!

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    Yes that looks like it! 🙏🙏🙏 Would be even cooler if you don't have just the 2 or 8 option but one with an input like lists have, that you can make longer. ;) Thx

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    Send date from multiple outputs to 1 input.

    Hi guys,

    And an other question. I'm looking for a node that can route multiple outputs to one input on a first in first out way. The outputs never send data at the same time. So its a bit like "Select input" but where all inputs always send data through to the output. So all inputs are always "open".