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    Yes a feature request for a specify OSC input IP node is what I need Thanks.

    Here’s my use case:

    My vuo composition queries an OSC server on each of 2 computers running a main and backup show control system, to determine the current cue on standby by sending to port53000. Each computer replies to the query on a fixed port 53001. I need to know which client sent which reply.

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    micpool posted a new Feature Request, “Specify OSC input with IP address and port

    Specify OSC input with IP address and port

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    I need to differentiate OSC input by IP address. Is there a reason there is no 'Specify OSC IP Input' node?

    Is there a workaround to provide the equivalent?



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    Most of the things I make in Vuo are little helper apps for other software to use. e.g bridges between DAW record state and IFTTT home automation. Face tracking to send OSC to video servers.OSC translators to sync lighting boards and audio playback software etc.

    Every app I've made, the first request from the user is always, "Can you make it so it opens in the same place as when I closed it like every other Mac app." It's a real pain having to add all the nodes necessary to achieve this and it is really spoiling my enjoyment of the product.