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    Joëlle commented on owlbert's Bug Report, “problem with VUo shader in VDMX

    Finding VDMX tricky honestly, the support is also not great at all these days. I was actually looking at Resolume as they seem to be more on it but I see they only support Vuo plugins. Love VDMX as a tool but the team are not very active any more with the community like they used to be.

    Can confirm there are issues with:

    • Shader node (reintroduced one into my comp and it bugged out)
    • Make Image Layer node
    • 3D Square node (replaced these with 3D Cube)

    I've now been able to recreate the problems, tricky when there are multiple problems as I was using a combination of these nodes in various comps.


    (As said will properly log these but just in case someone else comes across this thread)

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    Joëlle commented on owlbert's Bug Report, “problem with VUo shader in VDMX

    Hello, a follow up... I think the shader error in the console may have been a red herring (although I have not rolled back my comps to confirm)

    However the issue was still happening, where after loading a certain composition, it causes some kind of error with all the other comps where the audio input stops working and overall it breaks all other Vuo comps. It was difficult to debug as I wondered if it had to do with audio error George pointed out.

    However I'm almost certain now that there is an issue with the "make image layer" node. I had this node in a couple of comps and removing this has stopped the "breaking" of the other ones (sorry for my incorrect language here, it's really hard to explain and I will take some screen recording to demo this)

    If this theory continues to be confirmed as I stress test today (fingers crossed) I will log a proper bug here and with VDMX, after this weekend.

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    Joëlle commented on owlbert's Bug Report, “problem with VUo shader in VDMX

    Thanks for these concrete suggestions George, I appreciate the way you're thinking about this. Will look into all of these ideas.

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    Joëlle commented on owlbert's Bug Report, “problem with VUo shader in VDMX

    Hi guys

    I've been having problems with some compositions in VDMX where they don't render properly, they get "cut off" in the output window and preview windows. It's a bit hard to explain but it's something I've raised before here a while back and thought was fixed. Reading the console logs I was getting the error on this bug report - both in and A lot of my compositions had lit colour and unlit colour shaders so I thought that was the problem, however I have removed all shaders from my comps and and am still getting the error in the console. I also created a brand new Vuo file and pasted in the nodes (that did not include any shaders) in case there was something in the memory that was still being referenced.

    After removing the shaders I've not had this rendering issue happen yet - however it will be sometimes ok for hours and the I'll trigger a comp randomly and then it "breaks" a bunch of other comps. I was trying to find the post I did a year or so back regarding this but can't find it.

    Do you know why it would be throwing this error if those nodes are not in use? I have removed any custom nodes, FFGL plugs and any Image Filter Protocol that I was using as effects.

    It's worth mentioning that there are no issues if I have "run Vuo files in separate processes" checked ON - however this is not a solution for my show this weekend, as there is a momentary pause each time I load in a new composition, even if it has been loaded in before. I did a 4 hour show with all the same the files I was troubleshooting today containing shader nodes on the weekend past without problems, with "run Vuo files in separate processes" checked ON.


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    Joëlle commented on Jaymie's Discussion, “Plan for next releases

    I must have completely misread your last comment then somehow. 🙄 The language that you are using to communicate your thoughts is coming across somewhat negative and hostile.

    Ps. I wasn't advanced enough to do OpenCL particle systems. I'm a noob with GLSL too. I'm a designer who learned a bit about code. Sitting here making snide comments is quite frankly unhelpful. This is meant to be a positive space to discuss Vuo. I'm out.