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    Joëlle commented on Dust's Composition, “neon city

    Dust smashing it with the community compositions - thanks!

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    Thanks guys! So simple, totally missed this!

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    Changing from a Protocol Comp to a "normal" Composition

    I wonder if I'm missing something super obvious but is there an easy way to change a comp from a Protocol type to a "normal" one? Sometimes I have comps that are Image Protocols and I want to make them a window comp. Also is there a proper term for non protocol / window compositions?

    So in the same way you can right click and change a comp into a Protocol type comp, can I change a Protocol type comp into a "normal" one? At the moment I'm creating a new one from template and copying nodes over but then need to republish ports and set the values etc.


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    Joëlle commented on jersmi's Composition, “2D graphics: Grid Playground

    This is awesome, thank you