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Joëlle commented on dark1hd's Bug Report, “Trouble with VUO & VDMX

Jean Marie thank you, I will do this.

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Joëlle commented on dark1hd's Bug Report, “Trouble with VUO & VDMX

dark1hd yeah I'm using and had that error for the first time on Saturday night. Please can you log any bugs with VDMX on their forum and through the app? See the response to my post on vidvox forum from Projectile Objects who works there, I did not know this.

jersmi I'm a bit fed up tbh, been super patient for really long and it feels like something has shifted on their side, they assure that support emails are being read but communication has dipped and it's not what it used to be. Nothing worse that out of the blue issues when I was so certain I had a stable set up.

@vuo team, is it best to report a VDMX and Vuo issues both here AND the vidvox forum? Or best to just do it there? What's the best way to make the process of logging these issues easiest for you and the VDMX devs?

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Joëlle commented on dark1hd's Bug Report, “Trouble with VUO & VDMX

Hi dark1hd

Jumping in here as I have just posted this last night on the VIDVOX forums. I've just about had it with VDMX. I had a big show on Saturday night, I spent 3 days troubleshooting, debugging, removing nodes I thought were problematic, stress tested my show for hours, restarting VDMX & fast clicking files in the media bin etc and was so sure I had it to a point where it was stable, and then I had the most insane issues just before showtime. I actually downloaded Resolume last night, I'm not sure if this is the solution but I don't know what else to do about this. CoGe was the only other app the supported Vuo natively and that is no longer supported on Catalina +. The issue is not so much that VDMX has bugs (I mean that IS a huge issue), but the real fear is the complete lack of support and communication by the founders and the fact that old issues from a year ago have appeared again. I am worried about the future of VDMX to be honest.

I have been waiting for this new Macbook which has landed today and I don't even know if VDMX works on the latest OS never mind that I have these problems on High Sierra. It's a total bummer, like they have abandoned the app. The support is non existent and I can't risk using it for much longer.

I had that same issue where it gave that error (out of the blue, for the first time 20 minutes before showtime on Saturday) saying the files were not Image Generators (they were) and I had literally tested this for 12 hours each day for 3 days.

I just need a simple 2 channel mixer with an effects layer and to be able to MIDI map Vuo sliders. I love Vuo, but I am not confident in VDMX at all. Many people feel this way by the sounds of it and from a number of Vuo x VDMX users I have been talking with.

The version of VDMX I was using was but the issues were present in as well. Edit: The version of Vuo was the latest one, but the previous version had the same issues. This is causing me super stress and I'm currently looking into other options.

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Joëlle commented on Paul's Bug Report, “problem with VUo shader in VDMX

Finding VDMX tricky honestly, the support is also not great at all these days. I was actually looking at Resolume as they seem to be more on it but I see they only support Vuo plugins. Love VDMX as a tool but the team are not very active any more with the community like they used to be.

Can confirm there are issues with:

  • Shader node (reintroduced one into my comp and it bugged out)
  • Make Image Layer node
  • 3D Square node (replaced these with 3D Cube)

I've now been able to recreate the problems, tricky when there are multiple problems as I was using a combination of these nodes in various comps.


(As said will properly log these but just in case someone else comes across this thread)