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Strobe a Light with a delay between each flash


I want to flash or pulse a Light (almost like a strobe effect), so that the brightness transitions from 0-1 then back to 0 again - but so that there is a delay of a number of seconds before it starts again. I've looked at the various example time compositions and can't figure it out.

Ultimately I was interested in trying to animate the brightness of a light to a BPM, maybe every 8th measure or something but I thought I'd start with just setting it to animate after a number of seconds, but been unable to get anywhere.

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In case it's of interest, I'm exporting Vuo 2 comps as FFGL plugins to use within VDMX (the workaround until VDMX is updated to support Vuo 2) and it's working a treat :)

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Thanks Jean Marie! Actually less files in the folder speeds it up, disabling the Dropbox extension didn't make a difference but I'll start using more nested folders which will help. Tnx!

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Joëlle commented on Joëlle's Bug Report, “Vuo 2.0.0 & VDMX b0.

I see, ok thanks!

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Slight lag when browsing finder folders containing Vuo comps


Vuo version: 

OS version: 

  • macOS 10.13

Steps causing the bug to occur: 

  1. Browse my finder
  2. Navigate to folder(s) containing Vuo compositions
  3. Slight lag / jump when navigating using my keyboard arrows

Other notes: 

It might be a bit hard to see, but note how as I browse my finder I can super quickly move up and down, and in and out folders. As soon as I enter a folder that contains Vuo comps there is a slight delay or lag (shown from around 10s in the attached video)

The Compositions folder (containing 1.0 comps) and the Tutorials folder have .vuo files in the root and lag slightly when navigating the finder with the arrows keys.

See video here.