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    Error compiling sub comp after upgrade to

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    Hi All,

    I've upgraded to and also upgraded my OS to macOS Monterey 12.2.1.

    I've been resaving my older comps created in V2.3.2 as I want to use in my latest VDMX version b0.

    I wiped my Mac so just re-creating my sub comps.

    In my first comp jonmarks.scale.make.image

    But received this error but not sure how to fix this please.

    Error saving comp, see error message.

    Couldn't get backing node class, Integer uses generic types but it couldn't be compiled.

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    I managed to resove the issue by splitting up the sending OSC data into groups, so not all the data was been sent at the same time. Not sure if this is a problem with VDMX or Vuo but as a unit test Vuo processed the OSC data when sent directly to the application and comp. It was more a work arround. As a note I also remapped the same data value to say the Opacity slider and it worked so not sure if there's a problem when processing so many OSC name spaces mapped to different parameters.

    Ive attached a image of how this was done in the sending application Vezer.

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    I no longer can re-create this issue for some reason, thank you.

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    I'm just working through the information and will respond shortly.

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    Vuo V2.3.2 and VDMX5 b0. issues processing OSC

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    I'm processing Vuo clips in the latest beta VDMX and driving published parameters via OSC data.

    I notice sometimes it appears VDMX does not process all the OSC data and sliders fail to move in VDMX. Other times its fine.

    Some ports process data correctly and others fail to respond.

    I checked the data coming out of the sending programme using a OSC Data Monitor tool and I can confirm the data is sent to the correct port and name space.