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Chris commented on Jaymie's Discussion, “Plan for next releases

"That one actually has an equivalent in Vuo named "Displace 3D Object with Image". Search for "Rutt Etra" on google, and it is pretty telling what the idea is."

Magneson it is important to note that the Vuo Team has taken the time to ensure typing more advanced terms like "Rutt Etra" into the Node Library search pane will still bring up the appropriate, more commonly named node "Displace 3D Object with Image". I think this is a good balance of ensuring newer artists aren't overwhelmed with confusing, albeit more accurately named, terminology but also allow experienced artists from different backgrounds to find the nodes they are looking for.

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Chris commented on Jaymie's Discussion, “Plan for next releases

I must work and organize in a similar fashion to Joëlle as I too really appreciate the ability flexility we currently have to organize nodes by colours of our choosing as well as miss the QC Macro way of grouping nodes. In fact I was thinking about QC macros on several recent projects so it was nice to see someone else thinking the same thing.

To comment on the use of colours for organizing a composition, there are a few colours I regularly use to identify certain types of nodes; similar to the way QC used pre-coloured nodes to identify different node groups. However for the most part I use the colour options we have to group sections of my composition so I can more easily see which part of the composition I need to zero in one when I'm editing. Once in a very complex composition I used a specific colour to identify what parts of the project I've committed as "working" when I was trouble shooting and playing around with different possible solutions. I'm certainly not opposed to additional organization methods but I really like what we already have as well.

In regard to QC style Macros. While I have used sub-composition from time to time to simplify part of my composition, I find I usually don't want it in my node library as it's almost always a one time solution for a specific composition. So in saying that I really do miss the way QC Macros worked, just simply grouping nodes and making things less cluttered. I also find that sometimes changing nodes into a sub composition breaks what it was supposed to be doing. I haven't figured out why this happens, likely because I am not understanding how events are traveling through them, but it is the reason I rarely use them.

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Jean Marie ok, sounds like the same feature request to me. I will cast my votes in that direction then. :)

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Jean Marie, I had forgotten about that previous feature request, I even commented on it. :)

It looks like that solution will allow a window to already be closed when a composition starts correct? If so I will lend some votes that way.

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Visible node intersection oddness for nodes with drawers


Vuo version: 

OS version: 

  • macOS 11

CPU architecture: 

Intel x86_64

Steps causing the bug to occur: 

  1. Place Are All True and Are All Hitnodes on top of each other in the canvas.
  2. Notice the Values connections on Are All Truenode are partially on top and partially under the Are All Hitnode.

Have you found a workaround?: 

Yes, don't put them on top of each other. You shouldn't layer nodes anyway, it's messy. :P

Other notes: 

Not as much a real issue as just an FYI.