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Thank-you Bodysoulspirit! I think both the example methods you made would work for me.

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Simulated Snowfall - Looping image animation

Hi guys, I'd like to create a simulated snowfall as the the background for a small composition I'm creating. I was thinking of using 3 separate layers of snow which I've already created the png images for. They are basically transparent png images with a variety of small slightly blurred white specks. The idea is that the 3 snow layers would slowly and endlessly scroll in slightly different directions down the screen overtop of some wintery background image.

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Yes, I found a similar issue with the slider handle border back in the summer. Make Slider Theme: Handle Border - Should be outline not solid

I'm not sure if the solution to this particular issue is exactly the same but at the time Jaymie told me:

Unfortunately it's one of those things that sounds simple but would actually require a lot of development work to properly fix — work that is part of feature requests that are not yet scheduled.