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If I were mixing the two video signals it would make sense that the drop frame and non-drop frame rates would conflict and cause this issue, however I am not. They are in the same composition yes, but both are in separate windows and should be handling the frame rates independently, right??? I've attached a completely stripped down version of the project to eliminate all other possible causes for this issue.

Unfortunately the neither camera can be switched to match the other cameras frame rate.

  • Live Stream Camera: Sony EVI-HD1 PTZ camera
  • Barcode camera: Crazyfire HD HZ-100P/SDI camera
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OK, I was finally able to get 2 of each camera back for testing. Here are my findings:

Composition Description Camera 1 Camera 2 Results
Both cameras in same composition but separate Windows PTZ 1080i/59.94 1080p/30 Periodic Green Flashes (once ever 10-20sec)
Both cameras in same composition but separate windows PTZ 1080p/29.97 1080p/30 Periodic Green Flashes (once ever 10-20sec)
Both cameras in same composition but separate windows PTZ 1080p/29.97 PTZ 1080p/29.97 No Flashes
Both cameras in same composition but separate windows 1080p/30 1080p/30 No Flashes
Each camera running simultaneously in separate compositions PTZ 1080i/29.97 1080p/30 No Flashes

Any ideas why this is happening? One camera will be used for reading barcodes (intended to replace the webcam I'm currently using, SDI is safer choice over a webcam with USB extender) for generating the overlay graphics and the PTZ will be replacing an old HDMI camera as a live camera. Both must be running in the same composition.

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This was just a test but, yes, it will need to run in the same comp. The 1st camera is going to be an actual video feed of the event and Camera 2 is for reading barcodes, they are running in separate windows but the barcode reader camera provides text information to overlay on the video feed camera.

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Strange video issues with 2 cameras (Green flashes and momentary pauses)

I have been testing a composition with two different SDI cameras through 2 Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorders and running into an odd issue. Each camera is being displayed in a separate window. Both cameras use different frame rates. Camera 1 is a PTZ - 1080/29.97p and Camera 2 is a Fixed - 1080/30p. I keep getting a frame and a half green flash every few seconds on Camera 1 and slight pauses in video frame rate on Camera 2.

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Such exciting news Vuo team! So looking forward to this release and the beta version coming up. Awesome!!!

I really hope the new pricing structure draws more people to commit to this great product. I already have a hard-core PC co-worker thinking about getting a Mac just to be able to play with Vuo, maybe this will tip him over the edge! :)